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  1. Will there be any orange is the new black merchandise! The show is so awesome it's deserves to be recognize in the uk
  2. oh really? didnt know that could someone from the staff confirm this thanks
  3. hi there a quick question. i recently brought my ticket for LFCC saturday early bird on 12th july but i would like to return it. i was just wondering do you offer refund and could you refunded the money back to method of payment i used (i.e credit card). thank you
  4. Oh YES!!! Met her last year! She is so awesome and genuinely badass! Loved talking to her can't wait to see her again!!! I finally completed meeting the TSCC cast met THomas 2 yr ago Lena last yr and now this yr again and of course summer this yr aswell
  5. OMG!! Thank you!!!!! I can't actually believe it!! Always wanted to meet Summer now I can! she is such an incredible actress i just love her ! She is awesome !! cant wait so excited
  6. OMG Stan lee best guest ever! The man is a LEGEND!!!! Cant wait to to meet him
  7. I really hope she is coming to lfcc winter!! I love her on the secret circle Yh I saw her on the banner two because I was sad she was going to collectmaina and then on Saturday when I saw her on the banner I got we'll exicted
  8. Hi does anyone know if the photoshoots for Lena sold out on Sunday at9 50 & 12 40 or were there some left And what Lena packed out like Saturday Thanks
  9. Oh I was early bird today but I brought my photoshoots today at the desk with Sarah and Norman but Lena was sold out so I was wondering to go tommorrow but have to buy a standard ticket as I did not have any ticket. I want to buy Lena photoshoot inside coz she is only doing two at 9 40 and I trying to get the 12 40 one. I be queening from 9 30 do u think I could do it Any responses are welcome Please tell me your thoughts on this as I know the queue was bit today but I had a early bird ticket TODAY but don't have one tommorrow but EVERYONE Says that subday is the quieter day
  10. Thanks!!! Any other responses because I heard Sunday is the quietest day so is I'm gonna be quining for standard entry ticket Do they let them in at 11 am coz I want to get Lena photoshoot at 12 40 Anyone who went today do u think the queue without tickets is gonna be long like today or shortest
  11. The question was to anyone but I just wanted someone who works with showmasters to confirm if this is possible But thanks very much for your answer!!! Very much appreciated
  12. To David B I am planning to go tomorrow. I'm leaving my house at 9 and probably well arrive at lfcc at 9 30 and I gonna line up for the standard admission ticket but once inside I want to buy a photoshoot with Lena Hedley at 12.40 because I brought the photoshoot ticket for Sarah and Norman today on the day do u think I would get inside and the ticket by the photoshoot time Thanks if u answer as soon as possible because the lady 2day said there is still done tickets for tommorrow Thanks
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