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  1. Thank you Queen_Sindel, I was just a bit worried when I saw that remark about UK ticket holders knowing their allocation because they already had their tickets. I shall lay off the panic button for a bit!
  2. I've asked the office for confirmation of this again last night. Hopefully soon. The UK silver pass holders do know their allocation already because they got the tickets, but of course that doesn't help the EU attendees. I booked a silver pass and live in the UK. I do not know my allocation and haven't received my tickets! When I checked the See Tickets website a couple of nights ago it said that 0% of silver tickets have been despatched. I would be grateful, therefore if you could clarify this for me because if UK silver tickets have been sent out and received, mine have been los
  3. I must admit I'm not keen on the tube either but have read that it's possible to get an overground train from St Pancras to Custom House (DLR) so am hoping to take that route.
  4. For me, its Walter Koenig too = am so excited that I'm going to see Mr Chekov! I will always love TOS
  5. I can only echo the above post - have never seen Five Year Mission but would love to and I have many other friends who are also attending and they feel the same! It really would be appreciated by us Trek fans if Five Year Mission beam down with us!
  6. Hello! I have a silver pass and it says on the website that it entitles me to 4 in-person autographs (randomly assigned by DSTL/Showmasters) and 4 captains talks. I was just wondering when we will be advised as to who the autographs might be for - will it be beforehand or at the convention itself. Also, the same question in respect of the captains talks? I have not been to a Showmasters event previously so am not familiar with everything. Thank you.
  7. I'm assuming that if you want to have to go to a captain's talk you'll have to pay - depending on the ticket you have already purchased for the event. Some of them do include talks.
  8. Yes, so exciting wondering who might be announced next!
  9. Oh, I'd love to see Nichelle Nichols too. I have seen Garrett Wang but not Jonathan Frakes, am sure he would be a great guest.
  10. Well, I joined this forum to chat with other Trek fans and get up to date information, primarily and can only say how excited I am about being able to go - should be amazing! Thank you to all the organisers.
  11. Well I've got a silver pass but am just looking at photo prices, trying to decide how much I can afford but as many of you have already said, it will be worth it! I'm lucky I do have a job but am going to have to save up hard for it. I was planning to go away on holiday later this year but decided I'd go to the con instead but it'll no doubt cost as much
  12. I haven't met either of them before but always hoped I'd get to see John De Lancie.
  13. Digital for me as I just find it easier being able to copy/upload/download as required, email, etc.
  14. Well, I have to say I'm very pleased with the guests announced today, being a big DS9 fan and I absolutely love Weyoun (that voice! and Damar, so extremely happy (even though I've seen Jeffrey Combs before).
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