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  1. if we're outbid will we be alerted so we can rebid? Or do we just have to check the paper?! How will that work? Also, is the price you bid the price you pay? Or is it like eBay?! Thanks!! Oh and any info on the GOT Canvas
  2. Just one item I'm extremely looking to bid on! The Game of Thrones canvas!!!!! I think I've seen it last year when I was crew and it was incredible! (If its the one I think) Luckily I get paid on tomorrow morning xD
  3. On my mobile and it's playing up so apologises if this has been asked already: How will seating for this work? Will it be numbered by ticket or first come first served? I'll be finished on Saturday at 4:30/5pm so want to know if indeed it is first come first served so can plan queing etc!
  4. I'm actually crying at this!!!!! Ben Browder last year and now Claudia this year!!!!! It was my DREAM since I was 7 years old to meet them!!!! Thank you SOOOOOO much Showmasters!!! 2 photoshoots, and Autos I reckon!!! Excuse me while I go scream again!!!!!!
  5. HHH wouldn't! Nor would Road Dogg as under contract! BUT Billy Gunn is A M A Z I N G!!!! I've mett all of DX except Billy so this is big for me! Was giving EMS a miss lol but no chance now
  6. Wow I missed him during WWE WRESTLEMANIA 28 in miami so would be cool is meet him! His Hall Of Fame speech was amazing!! X
  7. So glad people liked the talk!!! Glad you all found it ok! He was amazing to watch! Hope he's back at another event! :)
  8. Ben was phenomenal!! I was crew and worked with him during the talk he did today and WOW what an experience!!!! Such a lovely guy!
  9. WOOOOOOOOO planned, packed, prepared.....BEN BROWDER!!!!
  10. Please email these questons in, rather than asking here. Spoke to Andrew on the phone and sorted all details Thank you!
  11. Hmmm ok- I've already got photo shoots for Ben Browder and the GoT talks and they said that'd be ok :) Was just wondering with the vouchers that we get given if we'll actually have time to use them lol
  12. Just a couple more questions: How many allotted breaks do we get? For talks, photo shoots and autographs we already bought and the ones we get on the day for crewing? Also, my friend wants to crew also (as stated in email) is that ok or should I have her email separately!? Thanks
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