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  1. I completely agree, it would just be nice to be given the opportunity to upgrade.
  2. Anyone staying at the Travel Lodge by the airport? Just looking for people to share a taxi with there and back, as well as hanging out after each day.
  3. It does seem disappointing and a money making scheme not allowing people to upgrade their pre-booked photoshoots when new ones are announced so close. I'd love Kirk, Sulu and Chekov on the bridge, but I'm not paying another £195 on top of the £90 I've spent on it without Shatner.
  4. Travel Lodge at the airport for me. Anyone staying there?
  5. Also going solo, would happily like to meet up and make a few new Trek friends
  6. I attended the first 2 with standard tickets and found enough to fill the days, although that includes paying extra for autographs and photos. The smaller talks are always very good and entertaining. Don't be put off because the "bigger" stars aren't there. I've gone Silver this time as it includes some stuff I wanted to do and worked out more economical to do it.
  7. You have suggested some amazing TOS guests BroganWils even though I have met most I would love to meet them again this side of the Pond. personally for me, the more TOS guests the better. After all - that's where it all started. Thank you! I would love to meet them! I would also love to meet George Takei! He's the one I'm really hoping comes this time.
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