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  1. Is there a printer friendly version of the schedule?
  2. I understand. However, William Shatner's Sunday talk is included in some of the Gold ticket packages. The rest of us get 4 talks worth £11 each. Tough luck, huh?
  3. Isn't it weird that all talks cost £11 except for William Shatner's talk which cost £26. I'm not referring to Shatner's one man's show but to the actual talk.
  4. Is there going to be a Destination Start Trek 50 years anniversary?
  5. Sell autograph tickets instead of plastic tokens. Then it would be easier for us to keep track on the autographs. Karl Urban's auto was €45 but the assistant would not accept 3x€15 tokes. Have more perks for gold/silver holders. At DSTL we got captains talks etc.Btw, what ever happened to the t-shirt the gold pass holders were supposed to get. Merch - More to choose from pls. I woul have loved to get a tee and a lanyard or something but they only had men's tees and a plastic cup. Lame. I loved Suzy Plakson's make-up show. That was fantastic. Have more of that pls. Vaugh Armstrong also did a cool show on stage. Wouldn't it be great if the actors invited actually got to act on stage? Jeffrey Combs does an amazing show "Nevermore". I got an opportunity to see it in las Vegas a few years back. I've also seen th Shakespear show, "Vic Fontain" etc Btw, I love the Tim Russ concert at the Fri night party. I didn't go to the Sat party. Use English first, then native language. Not the other way around.
  6. London is to be preferred. More ppl would go as London is more of an international tourist city. personally, I love London. Also, English would be used at the convention. It was definately the downside of Destination Germany that some of the staff would use German first and then with some luck translate into English. I did learn a German word - schlangen I also learned that stores are closed on Sundays in Germany. What is this? The 2000th century? That's just rediculous. Pls bring Destination back to London.
  7. If it's a EU thingy the language should be french I do prefer English though. I get a bit upset when Showmasters twitter in German as I believe the majority of the attendants are not German. My German is atrocious btw. LOL!
  8. We will be staying at Hotel Topas. When you make a reservation, either you pay the travel agency and get a hotel voucher or you pay directly to your hotel when you check out. Usually when you check in they ask for a creditcard. If you don't have a creditcard they might ask you for an advance payment.
  9. Karl Urban Colm Meaney and Wil Wheaton. I'm a huge fan of Jeffrey Combs so I always hope he'll be a guest at any convention I go.
  10. I'll prolly wear a Stockholm Trekkers tee
  11. We are 3 proud members of the Stockholm Trekkers going to this convention 2 h 20 min flight from Stockholm, Sweden.
  12. Some of the Stockholm Trekkers on the bridge. Me in the captain's chair.
  13. Christopher Heyerdahl, Callum Keith Rennie and Wil Wheaton.
  14. By Grabthar's Hammer, you shall be avenged! I I don't know the boys but hey, their cosplaying was awesome. Gotta love Galaxy Quest.
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