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  1. Hi All I’m setting this thread up to keep all the “thank you’s” in one place. We have had some fantastic feedback about the show, the crew and beyond and I’d hate for someone’s thank you post to get missed. For those who have already made a post i’ll Be merging them into this one as both the mods and the office read them all! Thanks Stu
  2. Nerd Who, Astro Nut is correct this is normally the case but as David’s attendance was VERY last minute things were slightly different to how we’d prefer them to be.
  3. Please have a look at our event FAQ this is covered extensively here. https://showmastersonline.com/forums/index.php?/topic/96245-answers-to-faq/
  4. No please see earlier in the thread, he is not sold out but they are just in very Hugh demand please keep refreshing you page this has been working for people.
  5. There will be some on his table for sure, I’m just not sure of the variety. We would always advise that If you have something specific in mind please bring it alternatively there are sellers in the venue that sell 8x10s
  6. Folks I’m being told they are experiencing similar issues with eventbrite on the systems in the venue so it’s not a unique thing please just keep refreshing it’s slow but people are getting tickets they have not sold out yet.
  7. Keep trying Dalek, people have been getting them with refreshing I’m assuming the HUGE demand in the venue is what is causing the issues with eventbrite.
  8. They are real but we are still waiting for time confirmation on the standard shoots
  9. The only guidance the mods can give is to keep refreshing, I know it seems to be working for some. With the Tannoy announcement in the venue needless to say the sales team and organisers are exceptionally busy.
  10. Have you been told this by the sales desk, will need to follow this up?
  11. We are trying to find out if these are all gone, my thoughts are that they aren’t as they showed unavailable within seconds of going up which isn’t notmal though there is significant demand at the venue, please bear with us and we will update when we know further.
  12. This will definitely be used as the precedent going forward!! I’ve updated the announcement so far we only have time for the TARDIS Shoot which is 13-14:00. I will update once we know times for the standard.
  13. There seems to be some issues on eventbrite tickets showing unavailable we are aware of this.
  14. https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/london-film-comic-con-summer-2018-tickets-38035844234
  15. Due to a sudden change his work schedule James Callis will no longer be able to attend on Sunday. Any Sunday tickets for him can be used today. If you can’t, then see the Sales desk for a refund.
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