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  1. I think most people on here are definitely going to be interested
  2. NEC is a great venue and it works really well for DST from personal experience. I’m really looking forward to being back in October.
  3. Haha I appreciate that and yes il be there all weekend
  4. Please no one stare creepily at me, just say hi haha.
  5. Definitely no photos haha I try my level best to keep a low profile. And hopefully I haven’t jinxed it
  6. I mean that would definitely qualify for QS coming over haha.
  7. In other news, all the active forum mods will actually be together at the this show!!
  8. I truly appreciate the effort that you’ve put into this mate
  9. Not that you’re reading into everything the mods say of course.
  10. Doubles sometimes don’t get announced until very last minute so wait and see!
  11. Guys I have tried to be as nice as I can, but whilst using the event forum discussion of other events as well as the stuff I’ve already mentioned above is against this forums rules please think before you post.
  12. Guys a polite reminder re discussion of price on the forum appreciate everyone will have an opinion of it but it’s one of those subjects that always causes arguments on here hence why we hide stuff
  13. There is still plenty of time Mr Bear, some would suggest it is inevitable
  14. As the others have said certainly nothing to stop you purchasing autograph on your sisters behalf but if you can’t please feel free to check out our pre order store which I’ve linked below. http://www.showmasterssales.com/
  15. Troll is a strong word we prefer tease haha
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