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  1. Sat Kate, Avery, Nana, Rene, Walter, John, Scott, Casey plus TNG party Kate and Avery talks Sun Shatner, Patrick, Brent, JG and Robert, Gwynth, Martha, Bridge, Patrick talk
  2. Hi all Just after some advice iv booked pretty much every talk and photo I can over the weekend I'm travelling from the lake district Friday for the opening ceremony all my photos and talks are booked over sat and sun my last train is at 19:30 from Euston do you think I'll be able to get everything in in time, worried I've got so much booked that something might clash or a talk maybe in the evening on Sunday or something like that
  3. So with the addition of brent and the rest of the absolutely fantastic lineup how many more guests can we expect to be announced for DSTL????
  4. Hi all I'm travelling down from the lake district solo first convention and first time in the big city...... My train is friday midday so should be in London early afternoon stopping at travelodge excel and am well up for meeting other folks stopping there too, would be nice to have some folks to hang around with for the weekend Stu
  5. Voyager bridge for me all the way but I'd say very unlikely so TNG is my next choice
  6. Much appreciated thanks for the quick reply Stu
  7. Hi all Quick question I've got a three day ticket but have so far spent a fortune on the various talks and photo shoots I'm travelling down on the train from the lake district and am due to come back the Sunday evening the bulk of what I have booked is on the Saturday but for the talks/photos (Stewart/shatner) iv got on the Sunday do you think I'll be able to squeeze these in before I have to leave by about 17:00 Ie will I be able to do my photos in the morning and hope the talks aren't too late Cheers Stu
  8. Hi all have booked the 3 day ticket with a view to probably spending a hell of a lot more on bolt ons ie captains photos/talks. Unfortunatley due to my job I have not yet been able to book time off or get a definitive answer if I'm working or not if I were to spend a fortune on the bolt ons am I able to get a refund should I be told I can't go......... God forbid
  9. Hypothetically if it were to happen what are the guesses on Cost??
  10. Been checking the am boards for years but ST London looks set to be the highlight of the year can't wait COUNT ME IN!!!!
  11. Hi All Like a few on here this is my first ever convention, i am from the lake district and unfortunatley gonna be going it alone i have booked the three day ticket (pending my job doesn't get in the way) but have not sorted how im getting there or where i'm going to stay yet, i unfortunatley dont have facebook and dont really want an account but would love to meet up with you folks so im not in it alone. Feel free to PM me Stu
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