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  1. Stuntman Paul Weston would be great addition to the line up
  2. Would love to meet some more Star Wars VII guests and original trilogy guests at this event would be good too meet again the same VII guests that attended LFCC spring event - still got a ton of stuff need signing
  3. Really looking forward to this event as it's only 30 minutes from me and would be interested in Crewing for one of the days
  4. Just placed two orders for personal items to be sent in for signing but it hasn't given me an address where to send these? can anyone from SM let me know where to send them?
  5. Real shame to read this and was looking forward in meeting the new signer but these things happen Any chance of getting Paul Weston to attend Sunday?
  6. have more than one entrance into the building improved floor layouts/maps for the show have photo shots in one area group the quests together i.e Star Wars guests all in the same area not split over different floors and zones improve the ventilation on level 1 still think the volunteer staff need more training to deal with fans questions, perhaps have a customer service desk/zone on each level stairwells need to be managed by staff food and drink areas on level 3 have the table staff ask for the money before or after the meeting with the guest not rudely interrupt you durring discussion with the guest, this happend half a dozen times when talking with guests have banners from the ceilings letting you know what area your in communication is the key, having live updates on what is going on at what time and with who
  7. just wondering if SM are planning to have more SW guests attending Saturday?
  8. I'm liking these Prequel guests at this years show, fingers crossed one or two more names will be added :)
  9. Great news looking forward in adding a few more names to my prequels book
  10. Here's my list of who did what on Star Wars, if anything listed is wrong PLMK Alan Swaden - ANH - Stormtrooper & ESB Hoth Rebel Trooper Barrie Summerford - ESB Stormtrooper & ROTJ Stormtrooper Chris Bunn - ANH - Astronaut Cantina scene & Stormtrooper David Church - ANH Stormtrooper & ROTJ Lt Page Derek Chafer - ANH Stormtrooper Doug Robinson - ESB Snowtrooper & ESB Stormtrooper *stunts Grant Hall - ROTJ Stormtrooper Jim Dowdall - ANH Stormtrooper & ESB Snowtrooper & Bespin Guard *stunts Joe Gibson - ESB Stormtrooer *stunts, ESB Luke Stuntman, ROTJ Gamoeran Guard John Cannon - ANH Stormtrooper, ROTJ Stormtrooper Keith Swaden - ANH Stormtrooper, ESB - Hoth Rebel & Snowtrooper, ROTJ Rebel Trooper Larry Estrin - ROTJ Stormtrooper Michael Leader - ANH Stormtooper who bump his head, ESB & ROTJ Mike Mungarvan - ANH Stormtrooper Mike Randall - ANH Stormtrooper Noel Hawkins - ANH Stormtrooper Paul Bannon - ANH Stormtrooper Peter Allen - ROTJ Stormtrooper, Geezum, Imperial Navy Trooper and Endor Rebel. Quentin Pierre - ESB Stormtrooper, ESB Bespin Guard, ESB Billy Dee Williams Stand In, ROTJ Royal Guard Salo Gardener - ANH Stormtrooper Stephen Fitzalan - ESB Hoth Rebel, ESB Stormtrooper, ROTJ Stromtrooper, ROTJ Mon Calamari Steve Ismay - ANH Stormtrooper? Syd Wragg - ANH Stroomtrooper, ANH Rebel Trooper & hand pick up shops Tony Smart - ANH Stormtrooper *stunts, ESB Snowtrooper & Stormtrooper Tony Allen - ESB Snowtrooper & ESB Stormtrooper?
  11. just out of interest is anyone travelling up to London on the train from Devon on Sunday? interested to see how many people travel up to the show from Devon :)
  12. its always good to have someone new that worked on ROTJ film at these conventions any new person who has not been a regular on the convention circuit is a good thing myself who is a long term collector i.e. 17yrs, I'm finding it harder each year to add new names to my personal collection so when SM provide a new first time signer I'm bound get excited
  13. Don't suppose any chance of getting Dennis Lawson to attend ? fingers crossed
  14. Carrie was in good spirits but she turned up late to the venue which was very disappointing for those of us who waited over 1hr and half to see her She signed like for 15mins and left half of the fans who patiently waited in the lurch Fingers crossed that people attending Sunday has a better luck
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