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  1. Bexieh

    Guest Requests for HW5

    There's so many people I'd love to see. Probably mostly Anthony Head, Felicia Day, Nathan Fillion, Amy Acker, Seth Green, Tom Lenk, Enver Gjokaj... there's so many, I think I'd be happy with any Whedon actors to be honest! I'm not sure about other show people but I'm interested to see who they come up with!
  2. Bexieh

    Hallowhedon 5 - Will you be going?

    Not sure, gonna see what happens with the new set up and all that and decide! Plus I can't really afford it right now But this was my first con and I loved it, so I'm definitely up for going to more!
  3. Bexieh

    Guest Cancellation - Sean Maher

    Sad times! But I'm still excited to see the rest. And excited for the whole experience! (and slightly terrified too but I'll get over it ) Is that definitely 100% it for guests then? I just wasn't sure from the post whether it was a definite no replacement or if it just highly unlikely! (Think I'm grasping at straws here )
  4. Bexieh

    Ticket numbers

    Standard 14, 15 & 16! Well at least we're definitely not the only lonely standards as I had suspected Everyone here seems to be gold or silver!
  5. Bexieh

    The Cabin in the Woods

    Just bought the DVD today. Loved this film when it was in the cinema! I'm kinda hazy on it right now 'cause it's been a while and my memory sucks, but I remember loving it and I'm really excited to rewatch it now I have the DVD! Fran Kranz was totally the highlight of it for me though. Brilliant!
  6. Bexieh


    Sounds good! Excited to start figuring out what to wear :)
  7. Bexieh

    Introduction Thread

    Forum Name - Bexieh Real Name – Bex/Becky Age/Location – 21, Newcastle What Ticket have you got/getting? Standard. Feel like I’m in the minority here! Most wanted guest for Hallowhedon 4?? I’m so excited about all we have so far! I think Nathan Fillion would make my life though. Or Seth Green. Or Anthony Head. Did you Attend any other Hallowhedon, If so which ones? Nope, this will be my first! Hotel? – Radisson. Facebook/MySpace etc - Twitter: @Bixieh Tumblr: canttakethesky Favourite Movie? If I list them I’ll be here all day. Favourite Other TV Show? Community, Once Upon A Time, Supernatural, Doctor Who, Red Dwarf, How I Met Your Mother, Chuck, Mighty Boosh etc. Favourite Music? I like a lot of genres but my favourite bands are My Chemical Romance and 30 Seconds To Mars. Photo?: I'm in the middle. The other two are the two that are coming with me!
  8. Bexieh

    Random Chat..

    I'm glad to see people posting about being newbies in here! I'm a newbie too, hi! I'm going with a couple of friends but this will be a first for all of us. I'm completely torn between being ridiculously excited and terrified! I've pretty much just been stalking this and old Hallowhedon forums to try and get an idea of what to expect