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  1. Excellent, but I will have to check the Kevin Smith Podcast out afterwards on his official youtube channel.
  2. Any of these I'd be HAPPY Linda Hamilton (LINDA HAMILTON) Emilia Clarke Goldie Hawn Kurt Russell Kate Hudson Julie Benz Carmen Electra Chow Yun Fat Michelle Yeoh Cynthia Rothrock Don The Dragon Wilson Sammo Hung Jackie Chan Jet Li The Hateful Eight Cast or:: : Samuel L Jackson Quentin Tarantino Scarlett Johansson Chris Evans Robert Downey Jr. (Avengers :: cast) Heather Langenkamp Wes Craven Lauren German ‏ Stephen King Clive Barker Ashley Laurence Micahel C Hall Jennifer Carpenter or all the Dexter Cast Amber Heard Nicolas Cage Tony jaa Jeeja Yanin Dolp Lundren Asia Argento Dario ARgento
  3. How about some Italian Guests: Edwige Fenech Asia argento Dario ARgento
  4. How about some Italian Guests: Edwige Fenech Asia argento Dario ARgento
  5. Any of the Expendables Cast.. . Jackie Chan Jet Li Sammo Hung All Dexter Cast.. . . MIchael C Hall Jennifer Carpenter Quentin Taratnino robert rodriguez Rosario Dawson Jessica Alba The OSbournes Wes Craven James Wann Any or All of The Avengers Cast Re-Animator Cast: Jeffrey Combs Barbra Crampton Dario Argento Asia Argento Bill Mosley Kane Hodder Sig Haig Rob Zombie /Sheri-Moon Zombie scout-taylor compton Lauren German
  6. :::: Guest Suggestions: Michelle Waterson Ronda Rousey Gina Caranno Sheri Moon Zombie / Rob Zombie Kristina Klebe Barbra Crampton Dolph Lundren Wes Craven James Wann Zakk Wylde Sharon Osbourne / Ozzy Osbourne / Jack Osbourne/ Kelly Osbourne Aerosmith / Steven Tyler Liv Tyler Tara Reid Shannon Elizabeth Meg Ryan Tom Hanks Samuel L Jackson Quentin Tarantino Robert Rodriguez Danny Trejo Jessica Alba
  7. DEXTER Cast: Jennifer Carpenter, Michael C Hall. Jet Li Sylvester Stallone Dolph Lundren Arnold Schwarzenegger Jason Statham Jackie Chan Jean Claude Vandamme Gina Carano Kathy Long Don The Dragon Wilson Patricia Arquette Samuel L Jackson Christopher Walken Christian Slater Mira Sorvino Chow Yun Fat Sammo Hung Maggie Q Michelle Yeoh Chloe Grace Mortez Jim Carrey Christopher Mintz Plasse Arron Taylor Johnson Lyndsy Fonseca Wes Craven Jack Nicholson Kate Hudson Kurt Russell How about some Musical guests too: Aerosmith Black Sabbath Zakk Wylde Aretha Franklin Ellie Goulding
  8. Jet Li Jason Statham Michelle Yeoh Sylvester Stallone Jackie Chan Sammo Hung Yuen Biao Kristina Klebe ( Apocalypse of The Dead)
  9. Lauren Vélez David Zayas C.S. Lee James Remar Yeah, would be great, also Julie Benz & Julia Stiles !
  10. Jet Li Kristina Klebe Meg Ryan Jim Carrey Tom Hanks Sheri Moon Zombie Rob Zombie Danny Devito Sylvester Stallone Anne Hathaway
  11. Don The Dragon Wilson Cynthia Rothrock Kathy The Punisher Long Richard Norton
  12. I agree. I love the tv show : Charmed . . whole cast would be great.
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