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  1. finale looks like its going to be amazing - loved the preview with jack saying I love you to kate - might just be that i'm a girl but i've been waiting for that moment since the Pilot!!
  2. Greatest Hits which i don't think has aired in the UK yet was a pretty sad episode to be honest - there were many tear jerking moments!
  3. Milton Keynes rocks!! before any more of you bash it i suggest you all pay a visit to my wonderful town of stony stratford, just down the A5 from central milton keynes, literally 10-15 mins drive and you'll see why i love this place!! My house has plenty of character, was built in the 1800s so...yeah I don't complain about it having no character - stony has a LOT of history and its wicked!! as for central milton keynes - food prices? where do you eat? i have no problem with the price of food - its generally quite cheap but maybe thats because i haven't ever lived anywhere cheaper!
  4. ok, i love milton keynes - i live there and get bashed enough at school about it - for some reason public school kids think its the worst place in the world although none of them have ever been there! so its not a very beautiful city although it does have a lot of greenery - and the roundabouts - well i'm so used to them i find anything other than roundabouts every 500 metres or whatever quite strange!!! have yet to venture out of milton keynes in my car - far too scared of these weird things that people called junctions and those sorts!! it has everything you need there as well!!! whats wr
  5. sorry as a previous crew member for three of the events i feel that i should defend the crew at this point. We do not make up the no photo rule but we have to enforce it for the sake of the guest. I know that loads of people get disappointed, I did too when I met a guest once but the experience of meeting them was what i took away, and not a photo and that was enough. The crew are incredibly busy and they make the show run smoothly - you were talking about great organisation? - in part, due a lot to the crew that were working this year (i'm not one of them so not tooting my own horn here).....
  6. KATHERINE HEIGL !!!! yes yes yes yes yes yes yes!! don't know if you noticed but I'm a bit of a Grey's Anatomy fanatic!! Oh and get dominic monaghan, then evangeline lilly will follow!! haha
  7. Ok, so I would officially pay as much as my life is worth (and anyone else's i can sell) to get some grey's anatomy cast for C11!! I mean, literally I would do whatever you guys wanted me to do - sell organs for cash if I have to!!! You have to get some Grey's cast - i know its not really the whole Collectormania type of show but .......I'm pretty sure you'd have a lot of people signing up to pay HUGE amounts to meet Patrick Dempsey!!!!!!!!! Probably a long shot but if you could pull whatever strings you have at your disposal then I would eternally be in debt to you - I will......clean all
  8. Ok, so found myself watching the whole of the dark angel series for the third time this last week and I have to now admit it has renewed my obsession with Michael Weatherly, god damn that man is sexy. So..........I say lets bring him to C8 cos he probably has nothing better to do, no offence and also.........c8 wouldn't be c8 without his sexiness!! I know, or rather I hope, I'm not the only one who shares this obsession!! So to SM -------------------------------->>>>>>>>>> PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE
  9. DAVID ANDERS IS HOT!! BRING HIM!! and then Michael Vartan because........well just look at a picture of him!! ahh!!
  10. YOURS IS THE NICEST! i KNOW! Looks can be decieving awww what a cute little cat!! haha
  11. oooooooooooooooooooooo actuallly I never liked those!! sue me! haha I'm bored, should be 'revising' but i don't know what it means!! haha
  12. yay for cats archie : fergus: those two are brothers, 7 months now. and this is posy, her bro died last year, Bill, he was cute but i didn't have a digital camera back then, I'll scan one later!! Posy: and this is Archie and Fergus together, looking cute!! http://i6.photobucket.com/albums/y237/dang...nt/P5020021.jpg
  13. i wanna have a bath but I can't be arsed. I'll have one in the morning.!!! hey, i may start a bath appreciation thread!! baths rock!! I'm booooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooored!! and coinicidentally, i'm also a boarder!! mwhahaahahahahahhahahahah .................that wasn't in the least bit funny!! i'm random. Goodnight!!
  14. hee hee, stabster (btw i'm callin u that from now on, just for the sod of it!!) i'm lovin your signature, with the whole quoatage from Pulp Fiction!! my mind is rotting, i need sleep!! I BROUGHT MY PROM DRESS!! it's so pretty!! and I had my hair done today, its so pretty!! haha. Me loves!! so i will declare on of my crushes in this joyous occassion!!!
  15. Okay I believe you but my tommy gun doesn't - Brand New and now its changed Such Great Heights, - Postal Service
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