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  1. Wes Craven has done a number of appearances in Europe over the years so he does do shows.
  2. I would love to see a horror only con here in the UK.
  3. I hope Emily brings some of her albums over with her to sign. She is a very good singer.
  4. We need more I think and we will take over LFCC!
  5. The fact is they are a huge guest and have been part of some very big franchises, to dismiss the work they have been involved in is childish. It's like I said in another thread. People need to start getting over this Doctor Who/Game Of Thrones/Star Trek/Harry Potter addiction. There's only so many times you can hear them say 'Oh it was so great, I really loved the other actors, we're so friendly in real life and we love doing it for the fans'. That's what it comes down to and you know if the horror fans want to get excited then let them be excited and they have a right to be excited. She is a genuine Hollywood star, anyone can be in TV shows, not everyone can be the face of a franchise that REDEFINED and freshened up an entire genre. It's pretty unique and a very big franchise.
  6. I agree although I am glad to see so many horror guests this year and I hope more to come!
  7. It depends on your personality. Not everyone is chatty, not everyone is going to want to travel around London on their own and not everyone is going to chat in the ques. I've found myself chatting in ques from time to time but most of the time you stand in line and you just wait your turn. I suppose if you're the kind of person that wants to talk to everyone and you're there for the whole day then you'll love it, i'm sure everyone you talk to will love the conversations! There's also people like myself that just get what we want and that's it. I enjoy looking around the vendor stalls too.
  8. I meet guests from DW and GoT. a) not every single member of the cast from these shows have attended conventions, which is why there should be more. B ) they should get guests again from these shows who have done conventions before because not everyone is able to go to every single convention. I still have a lot of people from these shows to meet. There are so many guests from these shows at most SM's events because they are popular. Popular shows, and popular guests. Therefore, SM will get them. I'm not interested in Star Wars, Star Trek or horror guests, but I know a lot of other people are, which is why SM get guests from these things for their events. Edit: I had to put a space between the 'b' and the bracket so it didn't make a smiley. The horror genre has ALWAYS been under represented here in the UK whereas they are very popular in the US and I think I can say certain parts of Europe also do well with them but that is fine. I've always said the UK is a very TV orientated place. For instance soap operas. What other country has soap operas? Here we are still 30 years Eastenders and 40+ years of Corrie. This country loves to sit in front of a TV screen so it doesn't surprise me one bit that things like Star Trek and Game of Thrones and Doctor Who are popular. Why? Because they're on TV and people here love to sit in front of the TV. That's why movie guests and horror guests tend to be very busy and have excitment about them because they aren't as common and people treat them on an individual basis, it's kind of like a once in a lifetime thing whereas with the TV shows and I include The Walking Dead in this.......they can run forever. There will always be guests from those shows so you'll always get the chance to meet those guests again but for other things that isn't always the case.
  9. It's about having fun...........meeting people WE want to meet. Of course we all have our own expectations. And to be fair. I think there's been enough Game of Thrones over the years, and Harry Potter and Doctor Who. I understand they will still be going strong in 100 years from now when I'm dead but we should get people in from other things. I don't think many of the suggestions on here are half bad. At least they are different. Surely if it is Doctor Who or Game Of Thrones......you must have answers to everything now. What else can possibly be asked? You can only hear the same stories over and over so many times. THere should always be a wide variety of genres and guests and with this being LFCC this is the place to take chances and bring someone in who would normally never do these shows.
  10. It's obviously the duo we all know and love. Kenny Baker and David Prowse!
  11. You've got it all planned out. You'll do fine kid! You should wear your cosplay on the train down.
  12. I always really enjoy all the cons I go to, even last years LFCC in Mount Doom, that was fantastic. We took the night bus Friday night, arrived early morning, went straight to Earls Court, stayed all day, went to the pub (which was a bad idea), had 3 hours sleep before going to queue again before getting the 10pm bus back to Glasgow and yep it does feel a hell of a lot longer, you end up just dying to lie in your own comfy bed. But I still love it :) i've got faith for this years con since i'm quite easy to please, like a hell of a lot of fandoms Are you not going in a group this time then? I got there early last year then realised I should have waited till the regular entry time because I had done everything i wanted to by then so it left me with more time. I think if i go this year I'll get a later bus if there is one, I think there is. Victoria Train station is nice at that time in the morning but everything is shut at the weekend. At least here in Scotland shops open, down there everythings closed or they don't open till later on so you're waiting around for a few hours just waiting on places opening or you can go sight seeing. McDonalds was the only good place. I think next time I'll order 6 breakfast rolls and just take my time eating them to pass the time. I'm not as easily impressed so they have a few months left to work on me and try and get me to go.
  13. It's very much a business nowadays. It's not like the old days. They're expecting signatures and money but you will get some that will happily do it so it's not a bad idea just don't expect every single person to do it or you could always ask them to doodle something and then date it 2015. I had an interesting time with Robert in Glasgow. I could feel the eyeballs behind me as I spent more time with him than anyone else lol.
  14. Are you getting separate things signed or some kind of special generic elm street photo/poster signed?
  15. So you're rich now. I don't mind the trip down but on the way back it feels a lot longer so if i'm going to do it I need to want to do it or it has to be someone I really want to meet. I don't like London at all, I like to go there and get what I need then get out. I don't even stay overnight now. I leave late then arrive early then leave London around 4pm/5pm to get back here in Glasgow for around 1am/2am that night.
  16. I think Diamond Passes have enough exclusives this year. That should be enough. Time to cater for the rest of the fans.
  17. If I'm going, I'll make the trip down from Glasgow yet again. 9 long hours on the coach ahhhh.
  18. All Showmasters can do is look at the popularity of the show last year, look at the money made and compare it with this year. I know the reason why the show was so busy last year but it's not up to us, it's up to them. You just need a few names to sell the show, it doesn't need to be crammed top to bottom with big names nor will it ever be and lets be honest, a lot of really big names are getting older. A lot of them soon wont be able to do conventions, not just here but the world over and I think in the UK we will be forced to go the way of the rest of the world and start relying on new shows with younger actors and new stars coming along. The future really is going to be very different and the future is in hit TV shows...as much as I'd love it to be horror. That is where all the good writing is, it's what people tune into all year now. It's no longer just August-December. I can see a lot of stuff that's been going for the last 3-5 years turning into the next big franchises. Game of Thrones and Walking Dead got there very quickly.
  19. You could do a photoshoot in costume with your famous pyjamas.
  20. There will never be anything more than a few horror guests in this country at any one show but I'm hoping the tide has turned I really am. I hope people in large numbers start turning away from these shows that have been going on for so long. I've nothing against Harry Potter and Star Wars and Dr Who and now Game Of Thrones and they wont ever go away completely but I think when it comes to these Collectormanias that there needs to be more variety and it's real easy to do, it isn't rocket science. You look at what society is doing. All you need to do is keep your finger on the pulse, look at what people are into and are watching and mirror that in the shows. If that means an Under The Dome or one of the big ones people have been asking about for years, The Big Bang Theory, then that is what you do. Or if it's people like me asking about horror stars, I loved George Romero in London. A big one in other parts of the world is the actors from Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, they're doing the rounds and people love it. These shows could appeal to so many people that like so many different things. I think using those examples, if you had one actor from each of those shows or maybe 2 and not even major names from the shows and a horror name people will know, you'd have a great show, you'd have people travelling up here because it is such a wide mix of shows and movies and everyone of them is a household name. CM Glasgow will never be the scale of the London shows, and nor should it be. I think with London there is always a very large amount of people unhappy with various things. It's almost too big for the 3 days that it is on. It is like a mad rush for everything and the smaller shows are better for interactions. I know that is not advertised or promised but in many peoples opinions, they're paying their money to meet the guests. Shows like Glasgow allow for conversation, time, handshakes, hellos, goodbyes, memories.
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