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  1. That's because us horror fans are coming out in force this year and taking over LFCC. I think you will be fine though no matter what time you get there, the only people getting in are those with actual tickets, no buying on the day of the event so a steady flow!
  2. You're from Edinburgh Waxwork, at least they'll understand your accent. I certainly had an experience with Robert Englund when I met him.
  3. I always get a handshake first and say hello. Here's the thing right and I know it will irritate me this year just like has since 2007 when i first went to a convention but because my accent is a Glasgow accent, a lot of people have trouble understanding it. It's not like an Edinburgh accent or Aberdeen where it's a bit more pronounced so I need to watch what I say and I'd be lying if i said it didn't bother me at times and If i do speak "properly" it just comes across as being phony and well i am being phony aren't I if i do that? As much as I don't like London I actually feel most at home there because everywhere I go there's people with different accents. I feel like anytime I walk into a McDonalds down there it's fine, we're all in the same boat lol. We don't all understand each other and I like that. The only time I ever really meet your average English person is at the shows but I love the fact that most people that work in all the places I go to in London tend to be from other countries because I'm from another country. Then of course most of the people i meet at the shows are American so that's a whole other load of fun and games there but it's fine. I get through it. I usually ask how they are, if they have an upcoming project I will ask about that and if it is just one franchise you are a fan of then mention it, it doesn't matter if lots of other people have. For instance i will meet Sherilyn Fenn because of Twin Peaks so naturally I will ask about the show coming back. There's tons of stuff I can talk to Malcolm McDowell about With Emily Kinney i can talk about Walking Dead or ask her about the different albums she has released maybe she will have something for sale I wont have heard before. I've never been a person that wants to ask about a certain film or TV show or project or how it was made or stuff like that. I've heard all that on DVDs and stuff and the people that I would ask those kinds of things of have never been to a show over here before so I wouldn't get that chance anyway and even then it would be about things like deleted scenes, outtakes, stuff like that.
  4. I suggest another horror theme for this years event in relation to this years LFCC. More horror. More more!
  5. Maybe you could print off a map from Google and try and see if you could walk it.
  6. I'll be there early as always. I think I arrive shortly after 7am so i'll probably get something to eat and then go straight there.
  7. I once was only attending for one day and had 11 shoots in that day (plus collecting 14 autographs). It was manic, required a lot of planning (no, I was not gold), including packing zip-lock lunches to eat in queues, and I barely had time to get a quick look at the booths. I'll never do that level of manic again, lol. Sure 8 shoots in a single day is not a small amount, but I have no plans to pick up more than a couple of autographs the whole weekend, so I don't have the double-whammy, lol. Oh no no no. That's not how you should do it. Take your time. That's what i do. I take my time. I have a conversation with the guests, no rushing around.
  8. Find someone in costume and follow them lol
  9. When does the shop close for buying entry tickets?
  10. Im leaving from Glasgow and only staying for one day so I cant really comment but at this short notice I would think all places would be pretty expensive by now so why not just get the nearest to the venue?
  11. Friday just used to be evening only. I'm only doing Sunday this year so it's all or nothing. I'm hoping it's quieter. I know many people weren't happy last year or in 2013 with the Saturday crowds and people couldn't get in and people missed out on some of the more popular guests but last year I attended on the Saturday and I got in around 11.15 and got a VT and within the hour i had met the guests i wanted to and that was me thinking that guest inparticular was gonna be super busy and I did get the early bird ticket so i don't know how it was later on in the day, i heard they were pretty busy all day but the ques meant I didn't get a lot of time to really take in the vendor hall as much as I would have liked, everyone seemed to be browsing and this year I picked Sunday only but even though it's ticket only I'm having this thing with Emily Kinney and a few others where...........am i gonna get lucky again and have a number which will be called within the hour or will it be packed and I suppose it doesn't matter if i'm there most of the day but i'd just like things to be quieter and quicker.
  12. In all my years attending this is my first time attending on a Sunday and comparing the last few years crowds and the amount of people not having a good time getting in, is Sunday still a quieter day? I know being tickets only will put an end to a lot of that upset this year and the only person i think i will need a ticket for is Emily Kinney but I want to spend more time in the vendor hall so i don't know if both could be done in one day without sacrificing the other. The others I will be meeting I don't think will be a problem and could wait till later on but I don't want to spend the whole day just on autographs and waiting on ticket numbers. I think booking on the sunday I've avoided the problems of Saturday and short times of Friday night but now I'm not so sure.
  13. You should Youtube videos of Robert Englund and Showmasters/Collectormania on Youtube. I'm sure some have shots of the table and what pics are on them. Same goes for anyone else. You'll always have people filming. From memory there's a few solo shots of him as Freddy, one with Freddy and Nancy, one from Hatchet, there's a few portrait shots also in black and white and a portrait in colour.
  14. Please do bring him to Glasgow but make sure you announce it before the London show that way I know not spend to meet him in London.
  15. I met Malcolm back in 2008 in Manchester. I might travel down from Glasgow just to see him again.
  16. So what you're saying is we should all talk to her about that film lol.
  17. This kind of thing only happens in America where there are usually discounts for group signatures or photos. It's just different over here and in America for instance the actors can change their prices and charge what they like on the day. Over there it's not uncommon for celebrities to charge less on a Sunday or even leave early on a Sunday. Over there a $20 autograph can easily be a $25 if you wanted 2 items signed depending on the person just like many actors over there now charge a fortune on a Saturday because it's the busiest day. I think over here it works very differently and the celebrities doing the signings wont be calling their own shots like in American conventions. They wont be able to charge normal prices on the busy Saturday and less on the less busy Sunday or leave early or give you a discount for wanting multiple things signed. No doubt I'll get told off by people for even mentining the word convention even though the word CON in the event title is just a shortened version of the word CONvention, I'll be reminded no doubt it's a signing event not a convention......despite the word con being in all the promotional details lol. It's just not gonna work like that, not in the UK. They will want to make as much money as possible and the actors will be told they can't negotiate on prices or anything. The price is per signature. It's just one of those things where again in the UK we kind of get shafted a little bit compared to the rest of the world. If i was you I'd set a budget and DO NOT go over the budget.
  18. No Johnny Depp then *sigh* I actually could have afforded £445 for him (if I used up my life savings) oh well You can always take me to dinner and buy me some photoshoots. If you look like Johnny Depp I just might That's a bit shallow is it not? Looks aren't everything.
  19. Oh come on. You've spent all that money. WHat's £2.50? That's nothing. I've bought two tickets but only one validation, pipe down. One is enough for you.
  20. Oh come on. You've spent all that money. WHat's £2.50? That's nothing.
  21. lol now you're getting talk tickets and one autographed picture aswell. That's you getting your moneys worth now.
  22. No Johnny Depp then *sigh* I actually could have afforded £445 for him (if I used up my life savings) oh well You can always take me to dinner and buy me some photoshoots.
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