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  1. I knew i had seen that somewhere. So when are the tickets available? Anyone?..
  2. I thought Gary Kurtz would have been free as it was his event. I'm guessing it was someone else though. What a superb day. Same as everyone else really, except that i didn't feel as in awe of the stage as i had thought. If i had seen it as an empty room it might have been different. Can't explain that one really, but there you go. Don't get me wrong, i did feel ultra priveliged to have been at Elstree. A day that i will never forget. The archive display was amazing, much better than i had imagined. It was fantastic to see an actual Greedo head and the Darth Vader bust. I was reading about one of the engine parts off Luke's landspeeder and how it had been found being used as a plant pot. Little nuggets like that made this event for me. In the end i fealt very jealous of all the people who were able to take part in the production of the films. I only wish in my life that i have tales to tell like those from the production guys who were talking to us all about their experiences on the sets. Needless to say i am definitely going to the next one. What a day! ..and oh yes, those people taking intrusive photos.. I'm a keen photographer and was there on the day with my camera set up. However, there are two things i can't abide - the downright rudeness of some people taking snap shots as described above, and beeping cameras. Turn off the beeping 'shutter ready' noise! It's just rude. There was someone during one of the last talks in the third row (behind me) with a compact camera doing this. So annoying for everyone. Gripe over
  3. I'll be there tomorrow afternoon at the Prem Inn. If i spot anyone who wants to get a taxi i could be tempted. Just see how it goes. I'm guessing there will be loads of people staying there who are going. Really looking forward to it now :-D Up early in the morning to get the train from Preston. See you guys there
  4. Kenny lives near my old house :-D
  5. i'm at the Borehamwood Premier Inn. Does anyone know if that's a walking distance from the Studio/train station? I'll be at the gates 9am or sooner
  6. I hate to bring this up, but it's, um, this week... What's going on on Saturday? In the back of my mind i'm expecting some sort of announcement to come out in the next couple of days. Fingers crossed. Please let us know soon! It's almost like waiting for Christmas ..not quite as good as Christmas 1982 though when i got an AT-AT :-D
  7. I have got the tickets and i'm sure it says 9am. Could be wrong though. Haven't looked at them in a month or so. I would like to know these sort of details as well. Anyone have a clue?
  8. Probably get the one day travel card on Friday/Saturday but on Sunday we are heading back up to Preston on National Express from Victoria. Seems to be rail problems on the Sunday for some reason. I'll have to check the journey from Elstree to Victoria. Thanks again for the advice. By the way, what time are people thinking of turning up on the day? I don't want to miss anything!
  9. superb. Thanks. Just booked two nights at the Borehamwood Premier Inn. Looks ok and not a bad price for a double room
  10. I'm just trying to plan my trip from Kings Cross to Elstree & Borehamwood. Google is useless and keeps telling me the journey takes about an hour. That can't be right? Can anyone tell me the train i need to get from Kings Cross and how often they run, and when they run to at night? Thanks
  11. ordered mine a month ago and got the ticket within two weeks. So they were still available then. Can't wait!
  12. My guess is that this will be a hardcore fan event. I don't know that for sure but i'm going to one on the 7th in Burnley which is advertised as a 'family fun day'. The difference between the two is that the Burnley one has people dressed up as Wookies and Stormtroopers and stalls selling stuff, that's as well as actors signing(including David Prowse). At Elstree there seems to be more emphasis on Q & A sessions - not really child friendly in my opinion. I've just been to another show which focused heavily on Q & A sessions by various actors and authors of the sci-fi fraternity. To be honest most of it was quite dull but that's because the subject matter didn't really interest me - Dr Who, 2000AD, various comics and modern TV stuff. With Star Wars, however, i could listen to tales and details about it endlessly. Not sure a child could. Another thing to bare in mind is that kids probably wouldn't have a clue who any of the guests are and might end up a bit underwhelmed. In short i wouldn't take my kids
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