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  1. Oh, they were full before this CM event was announced. I got an email in November from another event (that is happening at the same time) warning about them (there was a increased usage due to the event getting bigger each year, as well as a 4-day Take That tour at the Genting Arena). In the email they suggested to look at hotels near New Street Station, in Coventry and in Solihull.
  2. Well, they're doing a spring one which is supposed to be Star Wars focused. They'll likely just focus on other stuff at the july one, there's a ton of stuff that wouldn't be represented at that other one. Personally, I'd choose one which focused on multiple franchises.
  3. I'd rather they stick with mainly TV guests, with the odd film guest.
  4. Still, it's a shame that some have to sign a contract saying that they can't be done. I was refused two and I was the only one in the queue.
  5. Sometimes they just want to enjoy it themselves. Moffat was wondering around, too.
  6. If YALC is there again, then I'll probably go next year.
  7. I thought it was pretty awesome how I was able to meet an author I really like (Lucy Saxon), who was dressed as one of my favourite characters (Zelda) and I was able to spend 20 minutes talking to her. She even told me details about her next book.
  8. The crew around the YALC area were great. They were all friendly, and the few guests that had VQ tickets were very well organised.
  9. A few of mine Not many as I get nervous of asking people for photos.
  10. Author Lucy Saxon in the YALC area. Very chatty, she revealed some things about her next book when I asked, too. It was also very interesting to meet someone (for a signing) who was extremely excited about meeting other guests.
  11. Nicole de Boer - Nice and chatty, she seemed genuinely disappointed when she said she can't do posed photos due to her contract with Showmasters. She had her daughter with her, who was adorable. Colin Baker - My little sister wanted to meet him, he was quite chatty and spoke well to my very nervous sister, asking her questions. Lucy Saxon - I spoke her her for around 20 minutes, extremely friendly and a pleasure to talk to. Also, she was wearing a fantastic Zelda costume.
  12. Oh, she was definitely lovely (so was her daughter). She apologized for it and said it was because of the contract she signed with Showmasters. Colin Baker said a similar thing, too.
  13. Nicole De Boer and Colin Baker said that they weren't allowed to do posed photos. There were no signs for either of them about it. Both times I was the only one in the queue at the time, too. At least I got to talk for a bit.
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