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  1. Elstree Empire Day Returns!

    eagerly anticipating guests!!!! im itching
  2. Elstree Empire Day Returns!

    this years was good so i cant wait for next years to come out.
  3. Elstree Empire Day Returns!

    I was looking at the shop and it has the date for the tickets but they seem to be this years one. Am I correct in saying that they are not avaliable yet? Derek
  4. Elstree Empire Day II Tickets

    Last time they were on sale around December time when I bought mine last time round
  5. pre-paid auto

    my dumb moment is up, my pre-paid ticket number is on the actual ticket printed at the top left and right of the ticket in big bold black numbers that I missed haha. duuuuuuuuuur. thank you for everyone on going patience. the problem is now solved haha. Derek
  6. pre-paid auto

    OKay that answers my question. Thanks Rhiandd. My bad for not explaining I had a pre-orderd one, ta for replying though. Derek
  7. Where do we produce our pre-paid tickets and what happens on the day?
  8. I know this has probably been done to death, but I have not been around for a while and not had access to computer and have very limited time as im always running around like a headless chicken. Where do I produce my ticket to, to get in a que for Jeri. Sorry to be a bore, but thank you in advance. Derek
  9. Quick question about the venue

    Hi stupid question but where is it, i know earls court area quite well to a degree. but i'm a little lost on this one. Derek
  10. Really Enjoyed Today

    A big thank you to Jason and Gary for organising the show as it was fantastic. I look forward to a return of the Jedi one :)
  11. Come on guys, stop moaning

    here here neither is mine
  12. I found post 44 very informative and concise thank you for pointing that out 1of2. 1 question though, when ew arrive how do we know what number we are in the pre-bought que? do we present the ticket to someone? Derek
  13. Hotels and Travel to Elstree Studios

    from kings cross to Elstree you are looking at 20 mins at a guess. There is also a car park near the studios, it is about 200 hundred meters. if you stand with your back tot he studios just keep going forward across the roundabout. The car park is public and is £5 for over 5 hours as I guess most of us will be there longer than that possibly. id guess its around 100 places in there, so get there early if you want places, I know I will. Derek
  14. so whos going

    I'm coming from Luton, gold tickets bought some time ago, this is once in a life time opportunity that's for sure, so it is not to be missed in my opinion. See you all there people. Derek
  15. Autographs at Elstree

    Thank you 1of2