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    how were your experiences meeting guests?

    Hayley Atwell was slightly rushed, but we managed a quick conversation about the play "The Pride" which moved me immensely when I saw it. She seemed genuinely moved. Reeve Carney may be the nicest bloke I've ever met. We had a looonnnggg convo about Season 3 of Penny Dreadful, and his musical career. We ended up involving SRB in the convo when we spoke about our love for "King Lear". Remembered me at the photoshoot, and the line he uttered just beforehand is unrepeatable! Harry Treadaway is such a lovely guy. We managed a relatively long convo, and spoke of PD, beards (I said his works, he disagrees a bit) and my desire to see Caliban punished. Photoshoot was awesome. Simon Russell Beale was so lovely. Big smiles, handshakes, ended up with an auto inscribed to "Lear's Fool", SM please get the PD cast back!
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    Sunday queing

    Oh God. My first shoot is Harry Treadaway at 10:40. What do we all think, queue at 8 and in in time?
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    Hello all! The names Josh, or Clarky. I've been attending cons since 2012 (I think!) and am 19 years young. Huge fan of Arrow, Dc/Marvel, GOT, Dr Who, Penny Dreadful, Skins and The Musketeers. BIG reader.
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    Sunday queing

    Praying that the queue will be slightly easier tomorrow. I'm aiming to get there for around 8, how do people think it'll be?
  5. TheDoctorsBiggestFan

    Photos Thread

    Let's see your snaps from the weekend!
  6. I swear if SM get any of the ones in bold, you will be the BEST people in the world! x
  7. TheDoctorsBiggestFan

    Thoughts from a newbie crew

    Hi all, This was my first time crewing for SM, and I have to say it was absolutely AWESOME! Here's the pointers as to why: 1. The Attendees-You guys were fantastic! Really funny, polite and understanding and some of the nicest people in the world. Thank you all for taking time to carefully listen to what the crew told you and for being able to put a newbie at ease. THANK YOU!! 2. STUART!!-This man is a LEGEND! Stuart, you really made a newbie feel so relaxed and welcome today, and I can't thank you enough. Somebody take this man to a pub and buy him a drink! After today's madness, he deserves it! 3. The Guests-The guests all seemed like they wanted to be at the con, and were all, from what I could see, enjoying there day. Really cool people. 4. The rest of the Crew-You guys were great, huge thanks Rob and the team on the door, helping me out on my first day. You guys rock! So there, You all, in your mad, little ways, made me feel so at ease. Roll on Cardiff! All the best, Josh
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    Thank You

    As a soon-to-be Crew member, trust me, I think[and hope] I speak for us all when I say it's really nice to hear nice feedback, but IMO, the attendees[as in you guys!] make the event even more fun!
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    Latest Guest Announcement - THOMAS BRODIE-SANGSTER

    Can't wait to meet Thomas, he's such a polite young man!(And uber-sexy too!)
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    I know it's 11 months away, but let's hear it then...I'll probs do either Huntsman/Charming/August
  11. TheDoctorsBiggestFan

    Guest suggestions

    Les Miserables Eddie Redmayne Samantha Barks Russell Crowe(I can dream lol!) Sacha Baron Cohen Helena Bonham Carter
  12. TheDoctorsBiggestFan

    Guest suggestions

    With Dennis Lawson announced, how about the rest of the New Tricks cast?
  13. TheDoctorsBiggestFan

    Guest suggestions

    PLEASE get Karen Gillan back!!! She was so adorabley lovely last time!!!
  14. TheDoctorsBiggestFan

    Musicals Convention

    Any one else think this could work?
  15. TheDoctorsBiggestFan

    Musicals Convention

    Just wondering if anyone has any particular people they'd wanna see if SM made this happen?
  16. TheDoctorsBiggestFan

    Online shop - closing dates

    Hi is it possible to just order photoshoots without enterance tickets?
  17. TheDoctorsBiggestFan

    Musicals Convention

    Oooh, I've never had the guts to do that!!
  18. TheDoctorsBiggestFan

    Musicals Convention

    Anyone in particular?
  19. TheDoctorsBiggestFan

    GUEST DAYS AND PRICES - updated 24/09/12

    Does anyone know if Louise Brealy and Hugh Quarshie(sp) are doing photoshoots?
  20. TheDoctorsBiggestFan

    Photos of the Event

    Lets see them then!! Hope you all had a nice weekend!!
  21. TheDoctorsBiggestFan

    Jenna Louise Coleman

    Yep it would be really cool Jenna seems so lovely AND Showmasters can trump her if she says no cons before first appearance due to Asylum
  22. TheDoctorsBiggestFan

    Guest suggestions

    ARTHUR DARVILL PLEASE?? He was lovely last year and considering the event is only a few weeks after his departure from Who is seems fitting On that note, Karen Gillan(sp?) please? And... Jenna Louise Coleman!!!
  23. TheDoctorsBiggestFan

    latest guest Announcement - Louise Brealey

    Wonder if Loo's photo will be in front of 221B door again?
  24. TheDoctorsBiggestFan


    Why? x Applied for crewing lol Oh thought you meant you wouldn't be going at all lol x Haha, it'll take more than a job to keep me away from this!!