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  1. Hi I'd reccomend these people, £2.50 a month and 110GB! Space :) click here They got 97 percent in a review recently Hope of some help :)
  2. Can we pay by credit card this time for the autographs?? Thanks
  3. Hello Can we still pay for autographs by credit card like at other shows Thanks Andrew
  4. Smashing well done guys :) Where about's will he be sitting or will he be with one of the dealers? Thanks
  5. What is it about Martha you're not sure about? Just curious, not being nasty! I'm looking forward to the series, but for some reason Russell T Davis is really getting on my wick at the moment and I think he's in dire need of a good slapping! It's a female thing LOL :-) I wasn't a Billy Piper fan at the beginning of the series one, but I think that was because all I knew of her was being a drunken bum with her (ex) hubby and screaming the place down with "because we want too"! . I absolutely loved her though, and cried buckets at the end of Doomsday (which was repeated again this morning and I'd just applied my make up grrrrrrrrrr!). It is more probably to do with the fact that there is a change ahead, though I must admit when David showed his "oh new teeth" I really looked forward to seeing him in action. I have had several discussions with others in my circle who were dreading the Dr metamorphasizing in to David whoever, and they are all won round now. Now it's the sudden worry that the Dr will change again due to the fact his assistant has changed this season, I think that maybe we'll see a new side to the name with no first name and I'd love it to be a tougher one. Having said that I am looking forward to "meeting" Martha after seeing all the trailers, and after reading an interview with the said Mr R Davis, I think they are expanding the depth of the Dr and I can't wait to watch! Lisa x Really enjoyed it, looking forward to more :) Well done the team... :)

    Dr Who at xmas

    The Radio Plays are on New Years eve from 6pm. :)
  7. Does anyone know if they'll have any Shaun photos to be signed or is it only Hot Fuzz stuff? Logical question seeing as Universal put out Shaun too. I liked Simon in Doctor Who, would it be alright to get my box set signed by him? Thanks
  8. Hi there You should be ok though if you have freeview or Satallite BBC3 are repeating the first 4 episodes from Monday this week at 7pm - hope it's of some help and hope you enjoy it :)

    I missed ep 2

    Afermative - 9pm BBC 3 :)
  10. How funny, I found myself in one of your pictures. The one of the queue at 8:30 in the morning! Great pictures by the way! 925166[/snapback] Thanks. Cameras only 2 weeks old so taking while to get used to :)
  11. Is that me you're refering too? Which one?
  12. Here's mine Tolga Safer - Karkaroff's Aide - Harry Potter http://www.doctorwhoworld.org.uk/images/ev...cs/PICT0007.jpg Thunderbirds Car http://www.doctorwhoworld.org.uk/images/ev...cs/PICT0008.jpg Brent Spiner - Data http://www.doctorwhoworld.org.uk/images/ev...cs/PICT0011.jpg KATIE LEUNG - Cho Chang - Harry Potter http://www.doctorwhoworld.org.uk/images/ev...cs/PICT0012.jpg Roger Lloyd Pack - Barty Crouch http://www.doctorwhoworld.org.uk/images/ev...cs/PICT0013.jpg STANISLAV IANEVSKI - Victor Krum - Harry Potter http://www.doctorwhoworld.org.uk/images/ev...cs/PICT0014.jpg Robert Patterson - Cedric Digory - Harry Potter http://www.doctorwhoworld.org.uk/images/ev...cs/PICT0016.jpg Matthew Lewis - Neville - Harry Potter http://www.doctorwhoworld.org.uk/images/ev...cs/PICT0018.jpg Darth Vader http://www.doctorwhoworld.org.uk/images/ev...cs/PICT0021.jpg One of the hallways http://www.doctorwhoworld.org.uk/images/ev...cs/PICT0022.jpg Avery Brooks - Captain Sisko - DS9 http://www.doctorwhoworld.org.uk/images/ev...cs/PICT0023.jpg Bedroom (let down) http://www.doctorwhoworld.org.uk/images/ev...cs/PICT0024.jpg Bedroom (let down) http://www.doctorwhoworld.org.uk/images/ev...cs/PICT0002.JPG Early morning queue at 8:30!! http://www.doctorwhoworld.org.uk/images/ev...cs/PICT0004.JPG Obi Wan http://www.doctorwhoworld.org.uk/images/ev...cs/PICT0005.JPG Storm Troopers http://www.doctorwhoworld.org.uk/images/ev...cs/PICT0006.JPG My Mum's Harry Potter book now has 13 autos in it! :)
  13. Yes really nice guy, we spoke for a bit too - he liked my camera :)
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