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  1. He has done a lot more than just LOTR and I'm sure doesn't wanna be tied down to just that one franchise. Very true, he has had an extensive career. I just mentioned LOTR as it was his greatest achievement to date for which he was accredited with winning 3 Academy Awards. Cheers, the_grapher
  2. True, just as a big LOTR fan, thought it stood out a bit, also one of the few LOTR cast / crew that Showmasters have never had. In my opinion he would be a very big guest. Academy Award winner and all. Probably not true, but you can only hope. Cheers, the_grapher
  3. What he said Not sure if i'm reading too much into Jason's message there, but is that a deliberate typo to give us a clue i.e. "but they have to make shore they can come" .... Maybe it could be Howard Shore, composer of the score for the Lord of the Rings movies, great guest if it is!!! Cheers, the_grapher
  4. Hi, My wife and I have now changed our plans for autographica and are going to be staying over on Saturday night. We were wondering if there is any space left for the gala dinner? I have tried ringing the number on the site but there is no answer. Can anyone connected to the event clarify whether this is possible. I noticed you could pay by paypal, but would like to know if there was availability first. Cheers, Adam
  5. Thanks Dave, for clearing that up. Cheers, Adam
  6. Hi Dave, That only works if you manage to arrive 1 hour before the show. I have a gold pass but am travelling down from Newcastle, about a 5 hour journey on the Saturday morning, and probably won't get there till about 10am. So will miss the early opening. I thought that along with the Gold pass you were guarenteed a low virtual queue ticket i.e. they were issued with the ticket? As otherwise there is no benefit of me having a gold ticket if I don't get the low VQ ticket numbers. Could you please clarify this for me. Cheers, Adam
  7. Hi, I have found recently that the acid free sleeves produced by Ultra Pro are very good for storing 10x8's. Normal A4 plastic wallets can over time lift the signature from the photo's due to the acid contained in the plastic. You can usually find these sleeves on Ebay and also have seen them at a few different conventions. They tend to cost about £15 for a box of 100 sleeves. The only problem is you have to buy the binder from the same manufacturer as they don't fit in standard Lever Arch Files. Hope this helps. Cheers, the_grapher
  8. great pics there grapher it looks like you used a digital camera too just like Obi did so would u recommendusing one?? also is it ok to save ur eliza pics to my personal collection?? Hi snoopys_linus, Yeah I used a digital camera too. Would definately recommend using one, mine is a Fuji Finepix camera. No probs with downloading the pics for your collection. Cheers, the_grapher
  9. Very nice ....and I thought I was lucky to have met her ....lol. Cheers, the_grapher
  10. You both have very good taste in women, Eliza was very fit indeed. Obi_Wan, I was lucky enough to bump into Kelly Brook not too long ago, she was shooting her new movie 'School for Seduction' next to where I work so got to meet her too. Also very fit! Cheers, the_grapher
  11. Hi All, I met Eliza on Saturday too, she was very nice, altho it was very brief. She also signed and inscribed my 10*8. I took a few photo's for anyone who is interested. http://members.lycos.co.uk/britishautograp...ia/DSCF0087.JPG - Eliza Dushku http://members.lycos.co.uk/britishautograp...ia/DSCF0097.JPG - Eliza Dushku http://members.lycos.co.uk/britishautograp...ia/DSCF0088.JPG - Eliza Dushku Cheers, the_grapher
  12. Cooool .....She was also in Dude Where's My Car!! the_grapher
  13. Could be from movies like .... Spiderman, Daredevil, Superman ?????? the_grapher
  14. This could be true . ....I mean look at what happened at LFACC, they announced big guests early on i.e. Val Kilmer and he pulled out the week before along with a few others ....By leaving it late to announce the final few they are avoiding the risk of cancellations and also trying to keep the havoc that a big guest would bring to a minimum. Just a thought, the_grapher
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