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  1. Ali Larter & Amber Heard They would both be amazing Can't believe i forgot Kristanna Loken i should be ashamed of myself. Any of these three would make me a very happy girl !!!!
  2. I agree entirely. She was SO cool and im now a little bit, no actually, quite alot in with her. She came across so well and im so chuffed i met her. Despite getting tongue tied
  3. My friend turned up at 1330, she couldnt cope with "mooching" around from 1000 like i always do. She decided at about 3pm, after buying an Alien related t-shirt that she wanted it signed by John Hurt. We wandered to his line and got a ticket with 624 printed on it. After an hour or two, which allowed me more time to admire Dame Diana & swoon over Jane Wiedlin , we returned to the queue. My friend got her T - Shirt signed, got a pic with John Hurt and we even had time to attend his talk. I think this may have been luck as he was pretty busy, but my two friends are "virgins" to all this and despite their apprehensions genuinely had a good day. Too be honest, as others have said, if you really want to see someone you just have to keep a check on the line number and sometimes be cheeky.
  4. I met her too, i was stunned at how beautiful she was. Her photos don't do her justice .... I am now in completeley and utterley. Jane's my No1
  5. Meeting Dame Diana Rigg was just THE BEST. She was very approachable and appeared to genuinely appreciate it when i mentioned i had seen her on stage in Pheadre a number of years ago. Despite only experiencing the magic of the Avengers for the 1st time on one of its re runs about 15years ago, "Mrs Peel" remains my childhood hero. The photo now will take pride of place in my home. X
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