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  1. Hi there, Does anyone know William's Agent ? I'd love to Invite Russell to do a Hospital Radio Interview, I'm a Voluntary/Charity based Hospital Radio Presenter. I've been so for 6 years & loving it, Especially since I've got two excellent TV Actors who are Sponsoring one of my Hospital Radio Shows. Anthony Head & Simon Fisher Becker
  2. Hello there, Any chance of getting in for free at this Lords of Time event ? I'm wanting to bring a Full Size Dalek along to meet Mr David Tennant and to meet Anthony Head who is in fact a Patron of our Charity which we raise money for the charity is Max Appeal, We would love to meet and sign our Dalek, Max Appeal is a UK Registered Charity. Please visit there website: http://www.maxappeal.org.uk/ They deal with people who suffer from DiGeorge Syndrome (22q11.2 deletion) I.E Babies, Young Children, Teens & Young Adults & Adults. I suffer from this DiGeorge Syndrome and would love to meet Mr David Tennant We've done other Science Fiction Conventions in aid of Max Appeal this year Please Inbox me on here Regards Craig A (Max Appeal's Charity Fundraiser with a Full Size Dalek)
  3. showmasters, I have E-Mailed you regarding this event. I would love to come and meet Mr Tennant, Please reply to my E-Mail Thank you very much for your time
  4. Hi there, I have met him lovely man. And he came up to Castle Mead Radio, Hinckley. And kindly gave his free time to come and do a Hospital Radio Interview, Of course my show is called TIME & SPACE. And I am being Sponsored by Simon Fisher Becker (Dorium) The BIG Blue Man from Series 5 & 6 of Doctor Who, He came up to Castle Mead Radio a while ago and did a Podcast & came onto my Show. To watch Prentis Hancock's Castle Mead Interview please click here for Part One & Part Two on Youtube: PART ONE [media=] PART TWO Regards
  5. Would Two Full Size Daleks be allowed to meet The Doctor himself ? at this SciFi Convention Please E-Mail me at: craigadams20@gmail.com
  6. No never got an E-Mail, I would be grateful if you could E-Mail me some Information to: craigadams20@gmail.com Julie Wootton talked to Gemma on the phone a few weeks ago to sort this out for us with Max Appeal & our Daleks Regards CaptCub2012
  7. Hello there, Firstly thank you for letting our Full Size Daleks come to Collectormania tomorrow. We as a family are looking forward to it, Now some Questions. I would like to know which Gate we go to with our Daleks & Max Appeal, We've got a Table & some Chairs. And Julie Wootton the Founder of the Charity is coming later on in the day to Collectormania, So far with our Daleks we have raised just over 500.00 pounds for Max Appeal this year. Come and visit us tomorrow Regards CaptCubbio2012
  8. Hello there, I've still NOT heard nothing regarding taking our Dalek to Milton Keynes - Collectormania this year. I so want to meet Katy Manning & Karen Gillan there Regards CaptCub2012
  9. Hi there, I've still not had a reply from Showmasters at Milton Keynes. Please could someone contact me ASAP regarding our Daleks Regards CaptCub2012
  10. Hi there, I have E-Mailed them this morning. I've heard nothing yet, Could you please contact them for me Regards
  11. Hello there, We came to your last event just to see what & how you do things there. We've got now Three Full Size Daleks (NSD's) built thank you to my mum & my uncle who built them it took them 12 months to complete & our Daleks have got Electric Wheelchairs, Voice Modulators for the Dalek Voices. And we would like to bring One Dalek along to Milton Keynes if you would allow us too, We've got Public Liability Insurance for a whole year. And recently I purchased a Full Size K9 Fully Working Prop, Could I bring him too if we can him working ok. Another Question: Would we be allowed to raise money for Max Appeal ? I suffer from DiGeorge Syndrome (22q11.2 deletion) And I have got Special Needs & Learning Difficulties, I have got a Bent Spine (You can see it when I lean over or Bend Over), Small Hole In My Heart, Weak Immune System, Asthma & Heyfever, Cannot go out on my own, I don't make friends very easy, I raise money for Max Appeal which is connected with DiGeorge. Julie & Paul Wootton both run Max Appeal & other Voluntary members do aswell & each year they push Max Appeal out there to be heard and known about like me I do my bit too. Please visit: www.maxappeal.org.uk UK Registered Charity Number: 1088432
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