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  1. My picture turned out really well...put it as my fb profile pic
  2. This is one of my facebook "celebrities" albums....last 4 photos are from Sunday FB Album public address
  3. By the time I'd got my Patrick Stewart VT - getting a Hayden ticket afterwards meant it was nearer 600. Got fed up of waiting for her and left by 3pm. Suppose you have to prioritize. Robert Rankin was brilliant tho'
  4. I took some carrots with me...unfortunately it was too dark to find them in my bag
  5. I was there today - got there at 9am (more fool me) - It was extremely quiet, guests didn't turn up til much later. Was there to meet the cheeky girls (I wasn't that big bloke in the blue shirt) and Lisa Scott Lee (who was extremely late (prob cause she spent all of her time in John Lewis' toilets) All the guests were extremely talkable - posing for photos etc. And there was sooooo much SPACE compared to Collectormania. The photo sessions weren't overly over-subscribed.
  6. Gemma, fantastic photos. It looks like you had a great time. Sorry we didn't get a chance to meet up. Guess we missed each other in the crowds.
  7. I managed to get my broadband speed upped and £28 knocked off the monthly fee. Solution to 24 and Lost - download.
  8. Well I for one am looking forward to it.
  9. They should be able to afford all of those but the bill for security to keep away all of us fustrated fans would be incredible
  10. Gone up. Watch all three. Even watch repeats on living and FiveUS. And I even watched the first two episodes the other day on Virgin Central. Anyone good the number of a good shrink?
  11. PyleaDude

    Not long left

    Absolutely nothing because NTL/Virgin/Sky saw fit to take it away!!!
  12. Xena Guests! Come on SM, let's have them!
  13. Wonder Woman......Yes, Please!!!!
  14. Are there enough votes to make it happen?
  15. At last I get to meet Vicky Michelle!!! Yvette - oooer!
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