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  1. How about getting Shelley Blond? Well known voice actress but obviously best known as the original voice for Lara Croft. With all the buzz around the new Tomb Raider film and game, seems like a good time to get a Lara on board. I know she’s done cons before and would definitely be up for it. twitter.com/BlondShelley
  2. It's fine for me, clear your cookies maybe or are you looking at it on your phone? I just checked it on my phone, got it now. Very weird but thanks for the reply. :)
  3. This. As much as I like Jason, I want one one with Freddy/Robert solo before anything else.
  4. Yes, would there be a possibility of having a +1 for the talks or something? What if the person you're attending with hasn't bought a diamond pass?
  5. Heather Langenkamp Bruce Campbell Wentworth Miller Stephen Amell David Boreanaz Shawn Roberts Jennifer Tilly
  6. Pleeeeeease bring Elvira back to the UK. I'm dying to meet the mistress. Pun intended.
  7. Literally the monday after Collectormania, I thought of the idea of him doing his Freddy drawing and signature and then getting it tattooed on me. Damn!
  8. I SO wanted to get that Freddy Gremlin. But someone snatched it up.
  9. A Nightmare on Elm Street 30th anniversary reunion.
  10. Yeah, we were told during the Robert Englund talk just how busy it was. It was fine from 10am until 12pm, but then the place just suddenly exploded with people. Unexpected pleasant surprise.
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