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  1. His name was Darren, tallish with dark hair, blue crew shirt, he was on photo collection at the end of Sunday as well as elsewhere during the day, and he was the most helpful and understanding crew member I have ever met at one of these events. Considering I had just been spoken to like a pig by another crew member and was on the verge of tears, he made me feel a lot better as well as being helpful.


    Thank you Darren x

  2. Then he took it home without saying a word to anyone. If he was trying to help, he could have handed it in to the organizers booth. I mean, seriously - someone from SM is going to take it once it's been handed in? Give me a break.


    Sorry Mike I disagree, he came on here and told us all about it, not exactly the sign of a master crim! Plus he (the OP) explained he found the camera outside of the hall, so 1. any non LFCC attendee could have found it and 2. The guy was on their way home, so he did what he thought best, took it with him rather than leaving it in the street, went home, came on here and posted.


    Now as everyone is saying; not all attendees read the forum...but the crew do. So certain crew members can feed this info back, e.g. Tally report of lost camera to showmasters with this post.


    I'm sorry delint that you are getting a hard time over this, with everyone speculating on your intentions. I've seen similar threads before after shows (as the person in the 2nd post said). Sometimes it's hard to do the right thing and makes you just want to walk on by in future.

  3. What?! Anthony did a talk? Where on earth was this advertised? I get the showmasters Tweets sent straight to my phone and never received anything. Got the tweet about Frank Spotniz but not Anthony! I'm gutted!


    It was super last minute; we just happened to be going to get his auto and his crew member said he was doing an impromptu rendition of his charity single (yes he sang live and played the guitar - this isn't helping is it?) ... and then has he ahd some spare time he did a 15 minute Q&A which was great. He was very funny.

  4. The best event I have ever been to in regard to size and space. LFCC last year at Earls Court was terrible, the Milton Keynes Stadium last month also terrible, but the Olympia so much better. The whole event just seemed calmer and more relaxed due to its larger size.


    Absolutely agree. Olympia was a much better venue, the main signing area at the back was great (I audibly gasped when I saw the size of it!), the availability of "quiet' and rest areas (the balcony and the chillzone) and even the amount of venue cafes was better. I thought the floor was extremely well laid out (especially the talk areas - sounds from one could not be heard at the others like at Earls Court).


    I also found it much calmer and relaxed and really enjoyed myself. So... definitely NOT too big for us... we loved it!

  5. The whole cast, a welknown US Comic Con type talk with them all, a staged complete cast photoshoot (perhaps on a sofa)...


    ...I'd pay good money for that!!


    {hey I can dream right?}





    {Edited to reword reference to wellknown US event ;)}

  6. Yep it was fab!! We went to get our autographs and his crew member said he was doing an impromptu live version of his charity single (available to download from iTunes) at 1:30 so we joined the queue. He explained about the song and the charity, performed it (the song) live (with a human mikestand lol) and then did an impromptu q&a to fill the time.


    He was funny, a great singer and gave fabulous answers to the questions he was asked (even the coffee one lol!). Definitely one of my highlights!

  7. The very tall guy who

    This thread should be called ' I wanna bone....''


    Ahem... and what about us girls? It's not *always* about ...errr... well you know. I met and chatted to lots of like minded people that I wouldn't mind being in contact with, male and female!


    {edit} forgot to add... The really tall Batman that was there Sunday morning (with Robin) was lovely. His costume was fab ...and did I mention he was tall... :)

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  8. I think for next year, it would be a good idea to NOT print out the photos for people to wait, but to post them online on a server, and you can download your own one (with the ticket number position you had), and an assigned password to the back of each ticket (Also with instructions to download photo after that weekend).

    No thanks! I don't have a great photo quality printer, so wouldn't pay for a jpeg. I pay to have a photo.


    Percentage wise, when something like 8000-10000 photos are taken, not that many go missing. For the first time ever, one of ours didn't turn up yesterday but I understand the situation and just filled out the form at the of the day. I had an issue with the very rude crew member on photo collection A ... But I'll post that in the relevant thread.

  9. looked at lfcc sunday timetable.

    Its list anthony head at 2.10pm.Is this a fixed time or is it subject to change?.

    As i am travelling by car from essex at 8.00am.Will i make it?..


    I think 6 hours from Essex will cover you :eek:


    We travel from Romford by Car and it usually takes us 1h 30m ish. We're leaving at 8am to get there about 09:30 ish

  10. Lovely seeing everyone's photos, but can I make a request? If you put them on Facebook and then share a link to them, can you make sure you photo viewing options are set to public, else just your friends can see your photos and there is no point sharing the link. I am on Facebook, but haven't been able to see any posted via FB, which is such a shame.

  11. It's not Lakeside, no chavs (well not many!), no Debenhams or Argos in site at Bluewater!! lol!!

    Hehe You don't have to tell me, I shop there! I'm clarifying it for those posting like it's the worst place in the world for a con!! :chair:


    Tell you something, I bet it's cleaner and better maintained than Earls Court!

  12. Can't think of a worse place for a con.will be avoiding like the plague m


    I'm struggling to think where this event will fit inside bluewater!


    It won't actually be in the Bluewater shopping centre, there is a brand new, multiple-hall conference centre (much like Excel or a clean Earls Court!!) opening in Jan 2012.


    So you won't need to go anywhere near the shops which some people seem to think are stereotypically filled with chavs :lol:


    It's only 30 mins up the road for me, so that saves the 2 hour schlep across London

  13. I am confused by this too as I got in at about 09:30 and got a VT for John Hurt under 200. My brother went back and got a ticket for himself about 45 mins later and got ticket 319. I got my auto before the photoshoot and my brother got his after. About 4:40 we started heading towards the talk area to queue for the JH talk and the queue was showing 560+ and the queue crew lady was stopping people joining the Queue because of the impending talk time, but she relented and let a couple (boy and girl) join the end of the queue when they explained something to her.


    However, what confuses me most is that if you travelled all the way for a specific auto, you should have checked the queue more regularly, especially if you have experienced this before! I wouldn't have missed my slot for anything (plus I had photo and attended the talk!)

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