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  1. https://www.facebook.com/GibsonUKis where the photos are going to be :)
  2. Hi guys I posted a topic this morning but just incase you missed it - Facebook.com/gibsonuk And yes, it was hard not to admire it myself - this event was my first with the throne so it was a surprise to me too (I'd seen photos but it's not the same is it?)
  3. I've seen a few posts asking about where to find the Gibson cosplayers competition photos. The photos will be put into an album at facebook.com/GibsonUK See that page for further details. Could a mod possibly please pin this for anyone else that comes looking for info? Thanks :)
  4. Hi guys I was there with Gibson this weekend - the info of where the photos will be was on a sign you had to walk past on your way in... But it was a small sign I guess I will post a topic for all to see that will answer your question. Thanks for stopping by our stand this weekend!
  5. Reel big Martin Apologies I was not notified that you'd replied - I forgot to check. We do not have a back to the future guitar however we have plenty of other models to check out and pose with :)
  6. Hi there, I'm working for Gibson this weekend, so though this is NOT an official statement it is correct. 1) the competition will be cosplay based - I don't know the exact criteria to win, but essentially you need to be in costume and have us take your picture to enter the competition. The prize is a signed guitar. 2) yes the throne is there 3) at the moment it is free to sit on and pose etc, however cosplayers entering the competition are given priority if it gets manic.
  7. Haha! I think you definitely got the better one of us on Sunday - she's my favourite for sure too :)
  8. And Sam my forum is showing uk time so it must be something in your account settings
  9. You're welcome farmer - however I was minding Alan's que Saturday so the Saturday people didn't miss out - they just got a different flavour of awesome
  10. The crewmember who was minding Alan's que on Sunday doesn't have an account here, but I copied and pasted your post and sent it to her. she thanks you for your kind comments, and is really flattered you found her assistance worthy of public praise. Glad to hear you enjoyed our show this weekend.
  11. my holy grail autograph is mark hamill on a batman item - but because he's luke skywalker he charges approx 100 GBP at cons and rarely comes to england. i would imagine ian mcdiarmid (or his people, management etc i dont know) charges so much because hes exclusive - youre paying for the GUARANTEE of an IN PERSON auto. if you tried to catch ian mcD to get something signed finding him and stalking him would cost more than 70 quid. hes that scarce. no someone who does public things, or many films, or stage door stuff. its cons or not at all. shatner may be bigger, but hes done so much public stuff hes not as in demand. sometimes it appears to be about the "rarity" of their appearances rather than how famous they are.
  12. terry molloy - davros sheridan smith - gavin and stacey, two pints of lager, musicals, 8th doctor audio companion
  13. Im not sure if Darren has an account on here, but ill link him to this page for sure :)
  14. i have recently heard from an auto dealer friend that sir christopher uses a stamp to sign autographs as he can no longer write his name with a pen due to arthritis. ive also read online accounts of him doing it at a premiere recently too. so it looks like he cannot sign, let alone sign thousands in a row.
  15. dee bradley baker from american dad/clone wars
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