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  1. Was hoping for an epic star wars chat on the saturday with there being so many guests
  2. Lol, I was juat about to log on and start a thread with the exact same title!
  3. Harroson Ford please! He will be in the UK shooting over the next couple of years and he has done some official signing events with official pix in the recent past, would be a great opportunity to meet him. He has always avoided cons like the plague but who knows.....
  4. This guy is a true gent, I had a good laugh with him at Glasgow a couple of years ago. Well worth meeting him if you get the chance!
  5. Wouln't mind a wee picture of Ed once you've got him home. Love me some Robocop Not a prob mate! Have literally just finished putting the final touches in the man cave to make some room for him, will give me a chance to get some feedback :) (other than the wife rolling her eyes lol)
  6. I'm going to meet the 9 star wars guests to get my poster signed, also meeting 3 of the got guys to pick up autographs for a friend. Its going to be a busy Saturday morning
  7. Just heard from Daz @ buydesignmodels and he has made the ed209 for me . Cant wait to pick it up, looks like he has done a great job from the pic he sent!
  8. Tickets arrived today , I'm pleased that Showmasters used my full title!
  9. The fringe festival is on in Edinburgh, just an hour along the road on the train. Always a great atmosphere when it is on :)
  10. No probs, just wanted to check. Thanks for letting me know!
  11. Would really love to send my star wars poster down to have a few guests sign it for me using the send in service however I am taking it to the Glasgow event the weekend before so will miss the deadline . Is there any way I can leave it with Showmasters on the Sunday to have it taken to the next event? Not sure if this is possible but I thought it was worth a shot :) Cheers Joe
  12. Ahh I see..the way the paragraph was worded and the pic of the venue threw me off the scent a bit. Thanks for clearing that up :)
  13. Yes, but wIth the precaution mentioned by Showmasters in their last ticket post being taken into account. And that's what happens when you don't read all the stickies lol...my bad. Better go order my Saturday tickets right now
  14. I have been meaning to ask this for a while but kept forgetting lol. The front page to the Collectormania Glasgow bestie states that "we are back with an all new site" it then talks about a new look site..anyone know what the deal is? I was under the impression that the event is in the exact same place? Joe
  15. I had asked him to do an ED 209 statue he said he would but I haven't heard from him since and that was back in April...fingers crossed! I bought one of his Hulk statues last year and the quality and detail is incredible, easily gives the big companies a run for their money. Joe
  16. He is going mate, contacted him a few months ago about a custom project...I hope he has been able to do it
  17. That doesn't sound good, he was at the Glasgow event a couple of years back but on the wrong day for me, was hoping to meet him this time
  18. Yeah i have seen guests announced pretty late on before, just trying to get a bit of chat going in here....its pretty quiet...i for one think we will see at least another guest but who knows
  19. Under 2 weeks away now and very excited!! Do you all think,we have our full quota of guests or do you think Showmasters will announce another guest or 2.
  20. Woohoo!! "They're coming in, three marks at 2-10" classic guest! Can't wait to meet him and to get his signature ...wish we had gold 5 too lol
  21. Personally I'm really looking forward to this years event, I'm a huge Star Wars fan and there are 9 guests attending on the Saturday. I have decided to start a Star Wars poster so I'm really excited to get so many at the same time :). Also looking forward to meeting Quark! He was always one of my favs on ds9....and who could resist meeting face! I have never watched game of thrones but I'm obtaining autographs for a few US collectors who would give their left nut to get a few cast members under the one roof. Less than 2 weeks away now!!! Can't wait
  22. Does anyone know the company who make the statues and dioramas and usually have quite a large stall? The one that usually sells the big Gremlins statues, hulk statues etc as I would really like to have them make a statue for me for pick up at collectormania. Contact details would be great if anyone has them? Thanks Joe
  23. Can't wait to get an innuendo 5 (in your endo ) Great guest!
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