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  1. Hi Brian I did send them another email 2-3 weeks away from the event. Might be worth trying that next year :)
  2. Pre orders for send in items is now open!! So delighted to have the chance of getting Carrie to sign my poster. Gutted I can't get down to meet her though
  3. Great guest!! Will there be a send in option for Carrie? Had a quick look at the store but did not see one? Joe
  4. Great guest!! Attending this con and looking forward to meeting Jeremy again and getting his signature on my Star Was poster :) Lovely guy who is very generous to his fans!
  5. Met Kate at the Glasgow show a couple of weeks back and she was lovely. Her table was empty when I got my graph so I got the chance to chat for a few mins.
  6. Agreed, we also need to bear in mind that the financial crisis had just hit in 2007 which had the direct consequence of people scaling back on non-essential purchases such as holidays, conventions etc. With the UK economy now starting to recover and grow it might be an idea if we do not judge the possibility of 2 shows per year on an "experiment" that was conducted in 2008 in these unprecidented times. Also bear in mind that collectormania itself was in its infacy back then, I myself did not attend a show until 2010 as I had never before seen it advertised or heard it spoken about. The only way to grow a successful business is to take calculated risks, nobody has ever set the heather on fire by playing it totally safe. Jason if you read this I emplore you to give this some consideration. I know you from Rebelscum (toy toni scandal) and I know you have a great business head on your shoulders I really do think that there is a great opportunity for you to fill a gap in the Scottish convention market. If you do not then someone else will, this show are also doing conventions at the SECC (which do not even compare to the collectormania events as far as I am concerned) and I am sure they are thinking about expanding their show. As per the feasibility raised about a winter show in Scotland, nobody is asking for a winter show. I personally think a show in March / April then in late August would work well. Far enough away from Christmas on both sides for people to have some cash to spend! :) In the immortal words of Jim Morrison from Waynes World "If you book them, they will come" ps - please leave the weird naked indian behind lol Joe So would i,they held it twice a year once in 2008 one in august and another one in december but i dont think then one in december did too well,but i agree mayby holding it in march and october would be good But that was in 2008. 6 years ago. A lot can happen in a year, let alone 6. During 2008 i started to watch The Sarah Jane adventures then onto Doctor Who. Last year i met David Tennant then realised all about conventions about meeting your TV legends etc. I think in 2008 (compared to now) Sci-Fi wasn't as popular as it is to now. I had never heard of conventions let alone Showmasters events. The reason i will be coming to every Collectormania Glasgow event is because of lot's of reasons It's well prepared, everyone knows where everything is (which was great considering i was new to this) Everything was spread out decently. It didn't take long to notice where everything is and the main one Its the only convention in ScotlandYes there may be a few small conventions but none as big as this with good guests and good comunication with the crew. There isn't any conventions in Scotland hence this is getting bigger and better every year. I don't think we can judge it by 2008. Again a lot can happen in 6 years. I think with the ammount of people at this years event, i think it's ready. I remember reading the reason we can't have the likes of John Barrowman and Karen Gillan is because the venue is to small. What if we had another event for the big big guests in a bigger arena? SECC? Doesn't neccarly need to be in Glasgow, Edinbrugh? I think there's lots of places it can be. I also think it's ready All it would need is a rare guest (By that i mean someone like Peter Davison, he rarely does conventions. He is goping to a convention in England next year, and because he is a rare guest i'm willing to travel down there because he rarely goes to conventions. All it would need is a big guest and advertismentm, but if the guest was that big, i think they would be advertisment. Sorry if this post seem's rushed, any typos or that. I probabley haven't made sense but i am in the school libaray and rushing this as fast as i could. I think two events could work.
  7. Hi David, i can see your point however look at what happened when you brought 2 massive guests last year, Robert Englund and Lance. The venue literally was not big enough to cope, thats how busy it got. I would think that this would demonstate to you how good a show Glasgow could be every year. Realistically, there is not much we can do to get these forums buzzing with activity and the requests en mass that you want to see but if you book the guests the public will start to arrive in their droves and you will start to see the message boards light up. You did say yourself that it took London years to get to where it is Today and I would reply by saying Glasgow could be raised in profile in the exact same way. In saying that, I do realise that we will probably never get the massive guests that London enjoys, I understand the economic and demographic differences between the 2 shows and appreciate there us only so much showmasters can do. You raised the bar last year and the fans responded then things seemed to slip back a bit this year, to be truthful this just doesn't feel right. I really did enjoy the show this year as I always do as did most of the members of the forum but if you guys really want this event to grow you need to meet us half way and give us a chance to respond in kind (just as we did last year). If you book them the fans will come :) No critisim is meant here just the opinion of a true fan of your events and I hope my comments are taken in the spirit that they are intended. Joe
  8. It has a crazy level of detail....if I didn't know better I would say that it had been moulded from the sideshow version. Will try to get better pics :)
  9. If a few want to go down I am happy to drive, have a pretty roomy car that can very comfortably fit 4 adults for a long drive or 5 if you dont mind a bit less room in the back lol
  10. I never have understood the no advertising rule? The stall holders pay their cash to attend, people then know who is going and can budget accordingly and It might even convince some people to attend who otherwise would not.
  11. They could even do a collectormania Edinburgh or Aberdeen. I do feel that a second show is warranted for Scotland give the turnout that is obtained when decent guests are booked. Fingers crossed Jason and his team will see that there is a huge fan base up here and people have money to spend. I understand the demographics though, London has a larger population than Scotland but....with the right marketing and advertising there is more than enough scope up here for a second show!
  12. me too. Winter CMG please, showmasters. A winter one was done at the very start of these events in Glasgow some five years ago sadly it was not a success, it didn't help that it was right at the start of the financial crisis admittedly aww that's a shame. i'm considerig going down to newcastle in march at the minute, but i think i'll wait until nearer the time to decide fully. I've actually been checking the dates too :) Im def going to go down to the newcastle show (as long as they have some decent guests) its only a couple of hours down the road
  13. Had a great day and did go a little overboard but I knew I would lol These were my main purchases Had requested this a few months back from buydezignmodels and I love him! Pics don't do justice at all! Started a star wars poster so got all 8 guests to sign on Saturday Got myself an Ian Mcdiarmid autograph too Picked up a nice Keanu Reeves auto for the wife (presents always smooth out the overspending lol) Joe
  14. Some new star wars guests that we have not had in Glasgow before would be great!
  15. I'm going to head in after a leisurely Sunday breakfast and several coffees
  16. Also had a great time on Saturday! Was great to meet all the Star Wars guys! Was like an swing reunion upstairs lol. I think I'm going to head back in in the morning but I shall be leaving my bank card at home after the battering it took today lol.
  17. Im running late, just about to leave the house. Better than waiting in a monster queue right enough lol
  18. I know exactly what you mean lol
  19. Would be great if they could pull an ace out of their sleeve. My heart goes out to Kristanna and Dave has obviously encountered some kind of issue but the event has been diluted significantly by their absence.
  20. You don't really sound too sure? Do you believe he is there Saturday and Sunday or is he there Saturday and Sunday? I do not intend to be rude I am just seeking clarification. Joe
  21. I will be there with the good lady, will be carrying a poster tube and more than likely wearing a star wars t shirt of some kind. Feel free to say hi :)
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