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  1. What a great guest! We asked for better guests after last year and showmasters are delivering big time! I'm telling everyone about the guests this year, if we get a massive turnout we might even get that second scottish event (hint hint) :)
  2. Was going to fly to Cardiff when I noticed he was announced, will just take a drive down to Newcastle now :)
  3. With the announcement that the con will have an Empire Strikes Back theme, anyone else think they are gonna ship in a full size at at ?
  4. Ok Showmasters have kinda hit this one out of the park already lol. In the words of Oliver Twist.."please Sir, can I have some more?" :)
  5. We need an ugnaught to go along with Lando! How epic would that be lol
  6. Cardiff Film & Comic Con was fun.....however....I would have to say that Glasgow has a better venue and a better atmosphere. Just in my opinion of course :)
  7. Heading down to Cardiff tomorrow for the collectormania event :). Getting to stay with a good friend I dont see often enough for the weekend too, cant wait
  8. A big thank you to Showmasters, you added another few SW guests for the event :) Don't sit on your laurels though as there is still time to see if Harrison Ford is busy at the weekend But seriously, thanks! :)
  9. I actually had to double check that I was in the Glasgow forum there lol. Still can't believe Lando is coming to Braehead can't wait!!
  10. That's one of the best scenes too lol :)
  11. Just Jeremy Bulloch and Glynn Jones for me. Have cash burning a hole in my pocket but nobody else really interests me. Will leave me with some spending money to visit Daz at Buydezignmodels though :)
  12. Not a prob mate, I was the exact same lol
  13. As promised Collected my poster today, shipped back in the same tube with the bit of plastic pipe that I had the poster inside. Top tip there as it protects the poster if any damage occurs in the post. Both sigs on the poster exactly where I has requested and in the colour I requested. Poster is in the exact same condition as when posted. Great service and amazingly quick return!!! Thank you Joyce!!!! One very happy customer here :)
  14. I sent my poster to the winter London show for carrie fisher to sign. Got a card through the door today and I think it must be for the poster will update this thread tomorrow mate :)
  15. Agreed, Joyce is most helpful! Would be great to get notification when the items from a show have been dispatched somewhere on the forum though. Not an individual one just something simple like all items from winter lfcc have been shipped or something along those lines.
  16. I would be very happy with any last minute star wars announcements tbh. Cardiff looks a bit bleak on this front compared with the other shows atm. Fingers crossed!!
  17. Looking forward to the 2015 show but it seems so far away . will be going to the Cardiff show in November and the Newcastle show in March though
  18. To be fair I have only ever heard good things about the send in service. I probably wont send my poster for guests that can be easily obtained but for the bigger stars I won't hesitate
  19. Looking really forward to attending my first event outside Scotland , would love to meet some Star Wars guests who don't usually make the trip up north. Will be great to meet Jeremy again and fingers crossed there will be a few more! Cant wait to get some more stars added to my Star Wars poster (assuming I have it back from the wflcc send in for Carrie)
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