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  1. RIP Kenny


    Had the privilege of meeting him at 2 local showmasters events over the last 5 years. I Will treasure those memories and the autographs he signed for me. When I seen him at Celebration a month ago I really did not think that would be the last time I would see him at conventions. Thank you for the memories and MTFBWY.


    "Death is a natural part of life. Rejoice for those around you who transform into the Force. Mourn them do not. Miss them do not." - Yoda

  2. Crew members are volunteers and do not work in the office. If they even caught onto the conversation - they generally try not to barge in too much at the interaction with a guest - you expect someone working the London show who doesn't really have an overview of other shows to realize this means a possible cancellation for Glasgow and report it? Most of the crew are local and probably wouldn't even know who to address. Or if they caught on the more likely reaction was "oh, SM must know already if he's telling fans so openly."


    The matter was brought to the office's attention when the show was over. I did that myself. The response was that it would be checked. Obviously that has happened now seeing the cancellation is there.

    Ok cheers for the confirmation that it was known just after lfcc weeks ago.

  3. Just because a guest knows they are not available in no way means that SM will. A cancellation has to go through the proper channels for SM to know and they will not announce it until they are sure that nothing can be done to get the guest to the event and everything is 100% confirmed.

    Sounds like it was being freely discussed at autograph tables which would have been manned by showmasters staff. Again I did say "if" and "it seems like". I'm sure if you had just spent £50 last week on merchandise to be signed and had heard about this that you would be voicing your opinion too.

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  4. If this has been known since LFCC it's pretty poor form showmasters. Myself and a lot of others have went out and bought boxing gloves / shorts etc based on this appearance (after waiting as long as possible to ensure he didnt cancel). If he was freely discussing this at LFCC weeks ago there is no way in the world that this was not known by showmasters. I know I will just get the "guests can cancel at any time" patter which I understand but it seems like this info has deliberately been withheld .

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  5. I know a lot of people who were going to attend the event who arent going to bother now due to recent cancellations and a "crap line up" not my words. I really cant see this years event being as popular as last years was. If i hadnt pre booked i dont think i would bother either and for the first time I am only going to go on the Saturday as opposed to the whole weekend. I really vant see anyone being turned away at the door this year tbh

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  6. I have noticed loads of SW guests being added to the events around the Glasgow show....any chance of a few for Glasgow? They always go down well and would love to see some more added :) . I know guests can be added at anytime up till the event, more of a request than a question, cheers and keep up the good work, its going to be a fantastic show this year!!

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