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  1. So why doesent showmasters get in touch with colin to find out WE wouldnt want to to dupe the public into to thinking hes coming when hes not and wait till we have sold more tickets and then announce it would we ??.??..
  2. That is not the case. Showmasters will not announce a cancellation until they are informed of it directly by the guest/agent. Look on the website in black and white on stage at swansea Ere ya go We can at last officially confirm that Colin WILL be appearing in the national tour of Wilkie Collins' classic ghost story THE WOMAN IN WHITE playing the role of Count Fosco.   Also appearing in the play are former Emmerdale favourite PETER AMORY,  Duty Free star NIEL STACY, GLYN GRAIN and RICHARD TATE. Tour dates we have so far are:  Tues 19th - Sat 23rd July     Grand Theatre, WOLVERHAMPTON Mon 25th - Sat 30th July     Arts Theatre, CAMBRIDGE Tues 9th - Sat 13th August   Grand Theatre, SWANSEA Mon 22nd - Sat 27th August   Yvonne Arnaud Theatre, GUILDFORD Thurs 8th - Sat 10th September Opera House, BUXTON Tues 13th - Sat 17th September UPDATED Connaught Theatre, WORTHING Mon 19th - Sat 23rd September UPDATED Derby Theatre, DERBY Tues 26th - Sat1st October Haymarket Theatre, BASINGSTOKE Mon 10th - Sat 15th October Lyceum Theatre, CREWE Mon 17th - Sat 22nd October Festival Theatre, MALVERN Mon 24th - Sat 29th October Brewhouse Theatre, TAUNTON
  3. Well hes on stage in Swansea on the 27th so hes defo not appearing on the sat go to his website and look
  4. Star wars guests Ian mcdiarmid Stormtrooper on the right Stormtrooper on the left t2 guests Predator guests
  5. Would be a cracking idea always packed plus could have it in the winter gardens market space plenty big enough
  6. Im lucky in the fact my main thing is star wars guests like dave prowse that you can chat too not hundreds of peeps waiting behind you you dont feel rushed and dont take all day waiting
  7. Yeh had some nice stuff but u would not even get it out the door never mind london without wrecking it
  8. DOES anybody know who the guy was selling painted models he had a life size gremlin and pred masks some of his stuff was really good but could not get that stuff safely home so would like to know who he was please
  9. Autos plus a photo at the desk more for ur money
  10. Thing is with dave and kenny is they are gettin very old now so will be a case of ohh i should have met him but i thought next time when its to late Maybe this tells us that Star Wars has had it's day!!!!! Every time I went past these guys they were quiet and as someone else stated ''Kenny Baker was asleep'', maybe it's time to get some new guests in now!?!?! [/qu i really wouldnt worry they must do alright out of them as most of the starwars guests can come when they want i cant see jason saying no to any starwars guest as long as he can make room Star wars had its day dont talk daft,programmes like dr who which may be popular now but as soon as a new dr arrives amy pond will be gone too,plus with the blu rays being released its goin nowhere will still be popular in another 30 yrs but the big guests will be gone
  11. Was way too busy but my policy of never meeting the top guests always pays off met 6 star wars guests in about 40 mins so no complaints did what i needed to do saw what i wanted to see so was ok queue was massive we were just passed earles crt one doors but got in within 30 mins nice day too
  12. He was always supposed to be there sat was a mix up on the website,which i liked as i got a chance to meet him
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