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    sports guests for this years event

    Wouldn't it be great if Foreman only agreed to sign grills!! any of the above!!! Chris Kamara too please!!!!!
  2. sibenn

    hotel booked already!

    I stayed at teh Ramada encore last year for a few nights, wasnt too expencive and very close to the venue, think i paid £70 for two nights in the executive part of the hotel, very plush!! williong to split a room with someone if they wanted?? im really only there for the sports stars and the nights out lol
  3. sibenn

    Sports guests

    Jurgen Klinsmann Mike tyson Frank Bruno Frankie Detorie Tom Daley
  4. sibenn


    Hey all Im Simon, recently went to the sportsmania event in MK and loved it, looking at coming to a few of the other events over the next year or so. Into all sorts of films and tv stuff and obv well into sports and all that. I play and work within semi pro footy and live in Warwickshire in a village called Bulkington, would love to make some SM mates so hit me up if you can :) My Fb is: print-it bulkington This is what i looks like , say hey if you see me wandering around on my jack!! http://i1143.photobucket.com/albums/n623/sibenn/SCAN0001.jpg
  5. sibenn

    Carl Froch

    Not wanting to get involved in this i can see and understand where Kieron is coming from and understand his frustation and anger as it isnt cheap for all this stuff but think the comment on here from the staff member wasnt meant to offend and was or start a war or words, the remark about him being a boxer and so on..was surley tongue in cheek and was a mistake to point it out what the guest has done as a member of staff but still like some of the people have said, if the guest chooses to do this then what can anyone do?? in reality nothing. Yes kieron is right to be aggrieved reading it when he payed the going rate but i guess the customer just got lucky and got a bonus....rightly or wrongly it happens no matter what the guest's agent says he has a right to do what he wants...the fact that most of the 66 players and boxers to name a few stayed at my hotel and enjoyed the bar area with myself made me lucky i guess but thats another tale....... A valid point made by kieron but nothing anyone can do i feel apart from maybe learn from it and move on.
  6. sibenn

    Picture post

    oh wasnt sure lol and thank you :)
  7. sibenn


    Can a Mod get intouch i really cant get an avatar up it doing my nut in lol thanks
  8. sibenn

    Picture post

    So then has this worked?? I have more pics but these are probs the mosty interesting.... http://s1143.photobucket.com/albums/n623/sibenn/ please let me know if i have done this correct
  9. I would like to say a major thank you to the event organisers and the staff on the days for what was to me a fantastic weekend. I travelled alone for the weekend for this and was met by friendly informative staff in a well organised and tidy venue, i came both days for the majority and met most of the guest's too and can say that from my point of view it was memorable and enjoyable throughout. The whole thing seemed to run smoothly even with a few late cancelations and the site was set out easy to navigate and enjoy. I would like to add the staff who were helping the guest's and on duty on the differents stations were brilliant and made things easier for me, answering any question i had honeslty and informatively. Shout outs to the lass who was doing Gazzas cash part, who was obviously anxiuos about what was to unfold but was great and also the lasses at the photo collection part who were charming to me while i was waiting for the Gazza pics knowing i had a train to catch and even helping fill in the sheet to get the bobby george pic sent out to me as i wasnt going to be there at that time....with many compliments while trying to describe what i looked like...i thank you lol. I would not hesitate to book another weekend away if another event was put together and would look forward to attending as this as this one left me with some precious memories that will always be with me. Thank you all Simon im still trying to upload pics!!
  10. sibenn

    Sunday Review

    agreed she was great, i was in the first few to see him and you told us he was late and then all the other stuff which was fine.
  11. sibenn

    Carl Froch

    i was near the front at the start of the signings and you did a great job even when he was an hour late, keep up the good work
  12. sibenn


    coolness the boxers stayed at my hotel yeah the lad that was with taylor was really friendly, credit to CM
  13. sibenn


    Haha, I was one of the crew on that section that was part of that conversation. haha great tune!! i was there, was you with dennis taylor?
  14. sibenn

    Picture post

    cant seem to gte the pics up??help
  15. sibenn

    Paul Gascoigne

    I was the third one in this morning to get my pic signed and he was friendly and polite and we had a little joke at the photgraphers expense when we had a picture later on. I can only say my point of view and found him to be great, the opportunity to meet him twice and have a picture was memorable and has made a boyhood wish come true so from that point of view i thank all of showmasters for setting this up.