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  1. Would someone be able to clarify something for me please regarding Gold Passes and virtual queuing? If I hold a gold pass, does that enable me to join ANY autograph line without the need of a VQ ticket? Or do I still need a regular VQ ticket for the bigger, Diamond Pass guests (eg. Brendan Fraser, Christopher Eccleston)? I was thinking of getting a GP purely for the perk above as I can't arrive until late on the Saturday, however if this is only valid for smaller guests, it hardly seems worth it since they will have shorter queues anyway. Thanks a bunch!
  2. When are the digital photoshoot copies likely to be upload? It has been nearly 2 month since end of convention and this is getting silly. Showmaster has give no update as to when they may be put on the website .
  3. Hi, I am flying out on holiday on the Saturday so will only be able to attend on Friday. I just wondered if Friday runs pretty much the same as the Sat and Sun. Obviously it is a shorter day but are you still able to get autographs from guests as usual? Also, is Friday generally the quietest day of the three? Thanks
  4. Please, please, please can we get someone from Hustle? It's like my fav ever british show and as far as I know none of the cast have every done a signing. Robert Vaughn Marc Warren Jaime Murray Robert Glenister Adrian Lester Please, any of these! :)
  5. After hearing mixed reviews about yesterday I was unsure what to expect today. I had heard about the queue palaver and hoped that by today they would sort it out. I can't vouch personally for the queues yesterday but it seems they did! I arrived in good time and saw they were putting out barriers as I started lining up. At 9am on the dot the doors opened and we all went in swiftly and smoothly. I had been concerned having no tickets and just a confirmation but got in no problem. I grabbed by VQ tickets for the day and met all five of my targets by 10am (John Simm, Bernard Cribbins, Anthony Head, Frema Agyeman and Alex Winter). The photo desk sorted me out with my John Simm photoshoot tickets - no problem- and the blue crew member at the photoshoot done a fantastic job of keeping things under control and moving. Overall a fantastic day, no complaints and I feel sorry for people who didn't have as great a time yesterday, but what I saw today was an excellently organised and controlled event which wasn't TOO busy and I left at 12 having done everything I looked forward to doing. Roll on next year! :)
  6. I'm going tomorrow and have seen conflicting reports about today. So from the people who went today: how was it? :)
  7. Any chances the queues will be sortd out bette for tomorrow? I hope there was no pushing in today because there's nothing more annoying than that in my opinion,
  8. Where abouts is the organisers booth? At the entrance?
  9. I'm really sorry to hear that there was no good end to this story. After all that run around you had deserved better news. Bring your order print out and if you can bring your card statement (which you probably mean by proof of payment) you'll be fine. Yes, you can still join the prepaid line. Thanks for your help and reassurance. Its such a shame as it makes me a bit edgy about Sunday rather than excited - I've had so many issues with the RM before both through work and personal post. I look forward to Sunday though and will not let it ruin my day.
  10. Well, that's it. Royal Mail have held thier hands up and admitted they've lost my tickets! I will bring along just about every confirmation possible including payment proof on my statement, but I do worry that I will have trouble getting it. I was planning to arrive about an hour or so before opening as I can't tell you how long I've waited for the oppurtunity to meet John Simm. I assume I can still queue in the prepaid queue and that I won't get held up at all when walking in, as long as I show my confirmations to a member of the crew on the way in?
  11. You might be going through the shoot a little bit later. But for entry, just bring the printout and you'll be fine. You'll likely not be the only one. You don't think I could miss out on the photoshoot altogether, do you?
  12. Thanks. I emailed and it was posted last week (Royal Mail! ). So what happens about the Photoshoot number? It wont hold me up getting in at all will it, as I was planning to get there early?
  13. I see almost everyone has recieved thier tickets now, including people who ordered thier tickets really close to the close date. I am awaiting entry tickets and photoshoot tickets. Can Showmasters confirm they have all been sent out now, otherwise I worry they may be lost in transit. :/
  14. And also is it likely John will be signing before his photoshoot?
  15. I may sound like a dumbo but does that mean all of John Simm's photoshoots will be done in that one hour, or will there be another one later in the day if they cant get through everybody in time? :)
  16. I never made it to see David Tennant, i really wanted to but was away. How manic was it that day as I remember he was only there for the one day?
  17. I've only ever been to Earls Court, where I queued around the side of the building. Looking at pictures the Olympia is different as it runs parralel with a pedestrian street, so if I arrive at, say, 8am will there be a designated area? :)
  18. Oh, ok. I didn't realise Ive never been to this venue. In which case do we know where the queue area will be...inside or outside? and if its inside what time will the doors open?
  19. Can someone tell me what times the gates to the actual site open so that we can queue in the designated areas?
  20. I would have liked to have got there as early as possible (shame that the Central Line doesn't run until 7am on Sunday so I dont think I will get there before 8am). I only hope theres no engineering works that day. What time is everyone getting there on Sunday then?
  21. Thanks all. That's who I want to meet so far - but I might have someone else to add in about 27 minutes times!
  22. I am going on Sunday and would like to meet the following: John Siim Alex Winter Bernard Cribbins Jeremy Bulloch Kenny Baker Given their popularity and the mass attendance of the event how likely/realistic is it that I can get to meet all 5 of these?
  23. Being a busy guest, does anyone have an idea whether or not John will be doing personalistaions on autographs?
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