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  1. Hey guys, Sorry to ask yet another question, but I just dont seem to get it! Must be a bit of a numpty... Well I am new... I have read the FAQ's, and think I get that there are lots of different events for different things. Is that right? Anyway, my real question is, that I dont understand how you know when the events are coming up? I couldnt see on most of the sites. Only one site (collectomania or something...) said a date and that was 1st and 2nd September, which has already gone. Thanks for any help anyone can offer poor confused me.
  2. Hey, If im sending a letter to the US (from UK), how do I go about return mail? At the (forever helpful) Post Office, they said there was nothing I could do.... Surely a lie? Many thanks
  3. Hey everyone, Im a new member, and I just need some help really. Im kinda new to all this, so have no idea how conventions work, how you know when they are on, where they are, all the different types of conventions.... So much stuff I dont know where to start?! If anyone can help in anyway, I would be most grateful. Is there a list of upcoming events etc.? Many thanks
  4. Hey, I am an absolutley mad CSI vegas fan, and would love a convention! Its the only show Im really bothered about and I would travel anywhere in the country to go to it. Unfortunately, I do not have the funds to go to the America one. Plus I think its only fair they come and see the British! Count me in, Beanside Also, I know loadsa people that love CSI that would come. Can we not post on the CBS site a link to here? There are loads of British fans on there that I know would definately come. Man I really hope CSI does UK!
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