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  1. Absolutely agree, Mr Regal is a true ambassador of Wrestling, and a true gentleman in the classic sense of the word.
  2. that's the one, had a quick chat with the nice bloke running it, great addition to the show. I hope they got loads of cosplayer business to keep them coming back. Thanks Raylenth, you work fast.
  3. Can anyone tell me the name of the company doing those 3d scans, I lost the business card somewhere in all my plastic bags.
  4. Sorry Bud, gotta disagree most strongly with letting people in via multiple entrances. The difference with a football match and a con is nobody needs VQ tickets to watch Soccer, you get there first, or last, you get to see the same game. Open ten doors for LFCC and your chance of getting a VQ ticket goes from low, to forget about it.
  5. I can forgive one person joining the queue, maybe your partner was parking the car, maybe they stopped off to buy coffees for while you both wait, maybe they even went for a pee and came back - fine, whatever. Im sure when a gang turns up, you don't have five girl and boyfriends....youre just being C?£$%
  6. Agreed, this is a great way to give something back to the cosplayers who add so much colour to the Cons every year.
  7. Who reads newspapers in 2015? Article was rubbish, so was the rest of their website around it.
  8. Neither of them seem to care though. Just cos we have a fantasy ideal about them, they do not. I had a picture of R2 and 3PO, Anthony signed it, but Kenny gave me a funny look to sign his half. I think we should leave them alone....orrrrrrrr Photoshoot with very thin dividing wall shot from directly ahead so you cant see the divide. Exit by separate doors.
  9. OK, I'll play along. Start by going back through all the cancelled guests from the past, and get some of them to turn up...Temuera Morrison is a great guest but after several failed appearances in the UK, I had to go to another country to finally get my Jango signatures done. Sean Maher also has cancelled a couple of times now. George Lucas...his schedule seems to have opened up recently. Arnie. There were some polls once on who we would come and see...most of the names from those polls have not materialised, and frankly Christopher Lee would probably not be wise given he is of a similar age and magnitude as Stan Lee. But Ewen Mcgregor was also mentioned - give him a shot. Michael Culver (Captain Needa) I'd love a signed photo of his dead character lying on the floor at Vaders feet - classic. the selection of guests is never really a complaint from people, except when a show is dominated by one license, like a Star Wars heavy show, or a Dr Who heavy show...mix it up a bit and theres someone for everyone. Oh one last thing. very few of the photos available on the tables from the guests feature images with special effects in them, they are mostly publicity shots or screengrabs from episodes of the character sitting or standing somewhere...what about pictures like Harry Potter riding a broomstick or The Emperor shooting lightning into Luke, SG1 firing their P-90's etc etc
  10. How many people actually work for Showmasters? I keep seeing the word volunteer, from door people to forum mods...How many actual staff does this company have? And whatever the number is, guess it's time to increase that number, and invest time and money in training just like any other company. I'd say even producing a handbook for your volunteers to refer to would go a long way.
  11. I've been reading these forums since Saturday night and I have not seen a single person blame Stan, I have seen dozens of people express thanks and pity for him. What made Sunday a shambles was the fact that nobody knew where Stan was, and this is frankly not good enough. Stans late, ring his manager and find out whats going on, then honestly explain that at the earliest opportunity so we don't stand around all day waiting for something that's not gonna happen, at least then we could have gone home or done something else. The same thing happened at MK with Nichelle Nichols...she was very late back after lunch and nobody knew where she was for ages. Eventually it was rumoured she had gone off to do an interview or something without telling SM. The line was crazy by the time she turned up, and we very nearly missed getting a photoshoot. If a guest gets sick, gets fed up and goes home early, doesn't turn up at all....all of which have happened several times since I've been attending, the answers always "we don't know", and that's not good enough.
  12. Yes, this section was awesome...so many oldschool games that I was rubbish on first time round, now I had another chance to be rubbish on them. Thanks for whoever the trusting generous folks were that provided these games and consoles. Please bring them back for future shows.
  13. Get Stan to pose on his own once, then have everyone pose on their own and photoshop the two together. Job done. Youre welcome.
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