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  1. Thank you, got mine Yvie! Not long now
  2. I'm excited! Good guests, great party themes.
  3. There needs to be more information. I missed alot of them I wanted to do because I didn't know what screens were at what time and for how long. I forgot they were doing them. I would definitely have done a few over the weekend if I'd known what screens they were doing
  4. I would definitely like to see the backgrounds back. And for only a fiver, I'd certainly get a few over the weekend
  5. Christopher Judge I know he's been recently but I missed him Beau Bridges Robert Picardo Tony Amendola Carmen Argenziano
  6. It's confusing me because on A and B it's got gold up to 90, gold over 90 and silver on both A and B. So can you go to either A or B?
  7. How do you know whether to go to photo shoot A or photo shoot B?
  8. AWESOME!!! Absolutely brilliant guest. Thank you so much Showmasters
  9. I don't understand how this happens. Doesn't anyone know where they're going to be? If he'd booked to be somewhere else why say he could do Chevron?
  10. I'm so sorry. Thinking of you at this very difficult time
  11. It's nearly been a month now and no money taken, is this right? Sorry to ask again
  12. Merry Christmas and a very happy new year! I hope the new brings happiness and health
  13. How long does it take for money to be taken?
  14. I am seeing this tomorrow. Looks absolutely brilliant. Incredible cast.
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