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  1. Great news! X-files blast! It will be one of the best conventions ever!
  2. I think with Robin it was kind of special, because he has this special friendship-bond with Amanda that makes them hilarious together. It's not like inviting a Sanctuary guest randomly. Robin usually does cons with Amanda, so I guess the organizers were, why not? I'm glad he was there, as it was a blast, but personally I don't know how it would work out for a Stargate con to have that many other guests from other shows. After all this is Stargate con. I'd be fine with Sanctuary guest, but I imagine that for many people that wouldn't be so optional. And other shows then Sanctuary? Like what? With Sanctuary at least the 90% of the cast is from Stargate (funily enough except Robin.) so couldn't miss that big with that, but what kind of other shows and guest are you thinking about? :)
  3. Woohooo! Go for X-files and Stargate! This is awesome. He is a great actor. I hope I get to meet him. :)
  4. Well I'm not allowed to mention any not ME and SM cons here, but he is coming to Europe in May, not the UK though. If you have the time and money on such a short notice maybe you can catch him there. If he won't get invited to 7.9. :)
  5. Quite busy I would say. Good for you. I work 13 hours a day now but even like this I wouldn't be able to make it. xD
  6. It will be awesome. Here I don't know any fan around me, so Chevron 7.8 was actually the first time I've met SG fans. And it was one of the best weekends of my life!
  7. They were all so unbelieveably awesome! The last panel almost killed me. I couldn't breath from laughing so hard. They've gone so crazy. Oaktree and stuff.. Don't remind me or I might have an accident :) I was interested in meeting all of them so the lineup was really good for me but I think even if you weren't interested in all of them they won you over with their enthusiasm, interesting and funny stories etc. Brilliant time. If the next one is half as good it'll be amazing and I already have a silver ticket booked. Hehe, it was just so hilarious. Sometimes it pops into my mind and I start to giggle all by myself even at work.. Yeah people don't think I'm a weirdo at all. xD And yep, they absolutely won me over. They were just so kind and funny with everybody. I couldn't believe it's actually happening like that! Sadly I don't think I'll be able to go to Chevron 7.9, but I do hope it will be just as good as 7.8 was. :)
  8. They were all so unbelieveably awesome! The last panel almost killed me. I couldn't breath from laughing so hard. They've gone so crazy. Oaktree and stuff.. Even though there was 1 guest I wasn't interested in at all and one other who I was only okay with, they turned out to be absolutely fabulous to listen/talk to. I'm so happy they were there and I had the best time with all the 5 of them. :)
  9. And I just would like to add on a non-official note: I only attended the last Chevron event 7.8, but I have to say I loved that we only had 5 guest. This was my first convention and you can be sure I would like to meet many other great actors, but these 5 awesome guests made the event so family like. It was just nice that some of them casually walked around and it wasn't a screamy-jumpy convention, but more like a friendly kind. In my opnion it is special that you have time for everything you want. I don't think with 10 or even more guests it would be the same. It would be an insane schelude and running around. If you want to meet more people I think you should book a ticket for London Film and Comic Con, or Milton Keynes. They are great conventions as well, I plan to go to LFCC myself. They are really nice, but obviously different. And this year, from Stargate there will be Ben Browder and Chris Judge as well, next to many other great guests. :) And moneywise, Chevron was good and affordable, but if the prices went up, I think many people would have to back off from the event, as it would be really expensive. For obvious reasons, but still not affordable for most of us I think.
  10. I didn't find anything bad in the previous Chevron. Even waiting in the line with friends was fun. So for me, no bad experiences, just loads of fun and joy. One of the best weekends of my life. So many nice and awesome people, good organizing, really, the best for me. :) If I win the lottery I'm going to the next one too most definitely.
  11. And once again, AWESOME guest! I have a feeling this convention will be epic. Wow. Just wow.
  12. Wow! Awesome guest!! I'm really tempted to go! Wish I'd live closer.
  13. TooTall did call in groups by by ticket numbers when the hall was loaded. If you leave for a guest encounter leave something on your chair. As stated before the talks, the chair is yours for the day after loading the hall. If you have a guest encounter that starts around the hall loading time please go and secure your seat first. That's both stated in the programm book, but I'll check if this can be made any more obvious. I think it's pretty clear. This was my first Chevron, but we could make it work fine like this.
  14. I don't get people's frustration. I had gold ticket, and I didn't have any problems on Sunday with standing in line for autos.. I did all my photo ops on Saturday just a few Amanda shoots on Sunday, after that I started collecting my autos. I understand that gold is expensive believe me, but if the gold would be allowed to queu up before the others all the time, I don't think that would be actually fair... And then somebody might miss something, without a working system.. And it was never stated in the gold description that you can go for anything before the others except the seats of course... Even Amanda's auto line wasn't that bad, I had to wait like 5-10 minutes after my group was called and honestly I expected more.. And for the other guests I even had to wait less.. Of course if you don't organize your ops and try to do everything in the same time you might end up running around like a headless chicken, but I don't think there is any other convention where you have to wait this little time.. I for one am happy with the group organization and I think it worked well. Fair to all attendees as it should be, not just to those who payed more. It's everybody's on decision how much do they want to pay and if it's worth it or not. I think it was worth it. :)
  15. Flying back my ears were awful. When I went to the con I had no problems with flying at all, but on my way back my ears were killing me and even long after landing.. So the sickness might have something to do with that too.. :/
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