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  1. Is he going to be there all day on the Monday for autographs? Thanks x
  2. Nope. The doors will open at 9am. If you get there earlier like 100s sometimes 1000s of people do, you'll find there are queues of people outside waiting to come in. Sorry but we can't have people walking around the venue whilst we're doing our final set-up for the day, getting the crew into place etc etc. Thank you, it's no problem, I was just wondering xx
  3. Thank you for your help :) really hope it's not sold out! x
  4. Would they of sold out already, or do they leave some for on the day to? x Sorry if this question seems dumb, but do we get our autographs at the same time as the photo ops or will there be a chance to get those later on, so we can actually talk to the guests? I've been to Collectormania before but never met any of the guests, so I'm a bit confused lol x
  5. The event starts at 9am on the Saturday right? Will the doors be opening before 9am as the buses are leaving way before? x
  6. Will it still be possible to get a ticket for the photo op with James & Oliver Phelps on the Saturday? I should hopefully be getting there around 10am, I'm just worried they'll run out! x
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