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  1. Thank you. Can you only queue once per guest, or can you get another ticket later in the day and go back round?
  2. Get more than one autograph, obviously if you pay again, or is it one per person?
  3. Will I need a ticket for Evanna Lynch & Eve Myles's talks?
  4. Stage 1 respectively stage 2. Thanks. Do i go to those to get the tickets?
  5. thanks :) should it be easy enough to get a ticket? Not sure how many there is for talks?
  6. Thank you! Oh and for the free talks do I just go over to the talk area first thing and pick up a ticket? Does that mean I'd def get into the talk if I had a ticket? x
  7. Just curious as one is quite close to a photoshoot. Thanks.
  8. I know it's probably a silly question but does anybody know if anymore guests will be announced before Wednesday? I want to book a few more photoshoots, but if more will be announced I'll wait a few days.
  9. ooohh yay!!! Sunday only! Wish I could go Sunday
  10. Yeah I want to do that. Can't really think what pose though lol. x
  11. It is one photo per ticket that you purchase. People do purchase more than one, myself included. Go for it Cool, thank you. I assume they take both photos at the same time and you don't queue up again, right? x
  12. Are you allowed to get 2 photos with the same guest? Say If I got another ticket, would they take 2 photos? Or is it one photo per person?
  13. Evy Lynch number 10.. i think and Eve Myles number 99
  14. You don't queue in order of the numbers on your tickets though, do you? x
  15. How many photo op tickets is there per guest?
  16. What happens if the photoshoot times clash? I wanted to book a few, but I'm worried they'd clash? x
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