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  1. LOVE the one of Natalia!! Gorgeous <3
  2. Love the Molotov Jukebox shirt! Was gonna wear mine but didn't in the end lol x
  3. What a star, Def my favourite guest of the weekend. So lovely x
  4. Signed Game of Thrones boxset & Tonks wand x
  5. I haven't really had any problems with photo collecting. The people helping out have always been happy to past my photos to me if I have other people in my way
  6. It's a shame you couldn't get a photo of Karen. I managed to get one of her posing for my camera for my friend. I also had similar problems with guests, I was sticking to the rules of 'No posed photos' but other people were getting photos of and with some guests. Also some guests had no FLASH photography signs up and even without my flash on I was told no photos.
  7. Your signed GoT poster is AMAZING! I would love to get a poster signed but I'm so clumsy I'd end up ripping it trying to move it around the events lol x
  8. I love the pics of everyone playing football! Like heaven for me haha
  9. Awesome photos everyone! Some of you must have AMAZING cameras lol x
  10. Ok. If I leave the talk at 1pm for example, will that be ok even though the shoot starts at 1? x
  11. My god, every time you post you're complaining? Just be grateful you went.
  12. Booked my GoT talk ticket for tomorrow, today, to get a lower number :) I guess I'll be ok with the Lena shoot just after as she has to get there too? lol x
  13. Parking was bad, we got there around 9.30 but managed to find a space. I was only there for a couple of hours today but still had a great time. Can't wait for tomorrow!
  14. I was just wondering as Lena's shoot is at 1pm and the talk at 12.30pm x
  15. Awesome! Thanks. How much will an autograph be? x
  16. Jason Momoa number 41 Lena Headey number 36. Both Sunday.
  17. Will there be anymore announcements? Before Friday? x
  18. Natalia Tena number 2. Only got the one so far.
  19. My Natalia Tena photoshoot ticket hasn't arrived yet, should I be worried or haven't they been posted yet? Sorry if this is the wrong place to ask x
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