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  1. Hi
    Sorry if this is a silly question but I have photoshoots with Nick Blood & Chad Coleman tomorrow, both of which clash and both have 2 shoots..

    How do I know which shoot I'm supposed to go to? Is it by ticket numbers? Also do you think it'd be possible to do both morning shoots? Thank you


    Sorry if this is a silly question,

    but when a guest has 2 photoshoots in one day, how do you know which one you're supposed to go to or can you go to either of them? Thanks


    Rough guide: 400 tickets per hour. This is still on old tickets, so yours should have a number. So depending on the ticket number and the length of the shoot you can about figure out if to go to session 1 or 2.


    I have Nick Blood and Chad Coleman, they clash a bit so I was just checking.


    Nick's is number 45 and Chad's is 6.. so I should be ok to do both their earlier shoots?

  3. I only met TJ Thyne but he was everything i thought he'd be and more (maybe less that man is tiny!!) he was so chatty gave everyone a hug and free little bits and bobs too, he managed to make conversation with everyone which when you're shy like I am and sometimes not sure what to talk about lol is amazing. I loved him and have been asking for him for years on here and I was not disappointed, I hope they bring him back to one of the smaller events!!


    I had a photo with Stan Lee which was ok but conveyor belt esque which was to be expected!

    Which bug did you get from TJ? (I realise how this sounds for those who don't know what I mean but I'm not sure how else I can word it lol)

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