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  1. fish_metal

    CMMK for 2015 and beyond

    Oh dear! Paying to get in isn't great but as it's only £5 that's neither here nor there (unless I have an early photoshoot I can have a lie-in). I was disappointed not to attend this year, this is the first I've missed since I started attending at CM4, but the only guests I was interested in had appeared before. I am confused (doesn't take much!), in a previous post the Winter Event was supposed to be building up hence fewer guests etc, now it's not happening at all! At least this will leave me a bit extra to spend at Christmas from now on. Looking forward to seeing the summer line-up, hopefully MK will snag some of the better guests instead of London getting them all!
  2. fish_metal

    Robert Rankin

    He may of been one of the last guests announced for CM20 but it he was the best by far. One of the best guests ever. Friendly, chatty and very, very funny.
  3. fish_metal

    Guest Cancellation - Matthew Hoggard

    Gutted doesn't cover it. My first chance to meet an Ashes hero scuppered.
  4. fish_metal

    Facebook/Twitter etc

    On Twitter I am: gaz_markham On Facebook I am: Gary Markham
  5. fish_metal

    important info about guests and new guests

    Getting onto FB and Twitter now to spread the word.