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  1. nikstar1989

    Guest suggestions

    Of the Main 3 and Elizabeth Banks who were at the premiere, Josh was the only one I didn't get so would love if he was a guest .. however I know its probably really unlikely considering his popularity.
  2. nikstar1989

    Latest guest announcement - JERI RYAN

    Awesome guest! Can you please have Leverage 8x10's for her to sign please?
  3. nikstar1989

    Brendan Fraser

    YES! would love to meet the Frase. I mean look at his face <3
  4. Mark comes under category 2 of the below explanation from earlier in this thread. You can buy tickets on the door. You will have an hour to wander around the stalls, and meet the guests. ooh thanks for the quick reply :)
  5. on the guest days and prices page where it says for example Mark Sheppard Fri/Sat/Sun does that mean hes free on Friday or just that he'll sign friday but not for free? just trying to work out if I can make this after work as I might not be able to get there till 8 .. do you think that would be too late? and can you buy tickets for friday at the door or only in advance?
  6. nikstar1989

    Movies you are embarrassed to admit you love

    Any movie staring Hilary Duff
  7. nikstar1989

    What autos/dedications did you get?

    I only met David Blue but got 2 autographs 1 for me and one for my brother (both on different SGU stills .. I would have gotten a Moonlight one but the one they did have was very grainy and thin) for mine I got " To Nik thank you for giving me your love I promise to cherish it (heart) david blue" for my brothers I got "To Steven happy birthday mate! (smileyface) David Blue"
  8. nikstar1989


    overall I had a great time, I only went for david blue and had no problems at all in relation to meeting him. the venue was a bit cold though but seeing as its a stadium there is not much you can do about it I suppose. The free busses were also great, the stadium is out of the way unless you drive so its great for people like me who rely on public transport.
  9. nikstar1989

    latest Guest Announcement - DAVID BLUE

    David was so lovely today! I had a photoshoot with him as I didn't think he would be doing posed photos, he was beyond lovely in the photoshoot commenting and talking to everyone even though he had a long que . then when i met him later that day for autographs he still had a que of people but still made every effort to chat and interact with me and everyone he met, he also did over the table photos as long as the camera flash is off. overall a really really lovely guy!
  10. nikstar1989

    latest Guest Announcement - DAVID BLUE

    Bluey <3 shame it wasn't for LFACC but still amazing. can't wait to meet him.
  11. nikstar1989

    David Blue

    LOVE Blue Lfacc please.
  12. nikstar1989

    latest Guest Announcement - SHAWNEE SMITH

    SWEET! Deffo need a photo with her :)
  13. nikstar1989


    I just came on here because I read something Sam said about Snoop Dog on Perez Hilton (http://perezhilton.com/2010-08-11-no-snoop-dogg-in-the-true-blood-house) I only came to Bitten Fri-Sat so never heard him say it. it just seems a shame that guests share stories and it ends up all over the net. makes me wonder if guests may be reluctant to attend / share stories at future events.
  14. nikstar1989

    Online Shop Now Closed

    Glad tickets are available at the door, will probably come for sure :)
  15. nikstar1989

    Carrie Preston

    would love to meet both her and her husband