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  1. I enjoyed today for how quiet it was. I had plenty of time to chat with the guests and although there were people waiting behind me I, and I would hope that nobody else felt at all rushed. I felt sorry for the vendors as they have put a good sum down to get floor space and there just weren't enough people there today. I wouldn't use the term overextended themselves, I would prefer they keep the conventions somewhat more spaced, I cant afford it otherwise. I had to miss Coventry because of the costs, and Eclipse may bust me. I don't think having the conventions this close had much effect on getting guests. It may have had some but its not a major factor. I would suggest if they are doing conventions this close again then just do it with the ones that are least likely to have similar fans. for example the last 2 weeks have been the same style of show but Autographica would have been rather different and wouldnt attract so many of the same people. Loved today, most peaceful con yet Perhaps only because I am so antisocial.
  2. Matthew Lewis was possibly the best guest I have ever met. So down to earth I felt so comforable chatting with him. Anthony was great exactly as I thought he would be though. Very serious professional who could have a good laugh. Michael Winslow was hilarious. Obviously loves his talent. Emma Caulfield was almost too hot
  3. I thought I recognised you, I had no idea you were crew, you were at Milton Keynes in a cheerleader costume, were you Crew back then?
  4. Hail He said he was filming and would still be called back for more shoots up until September, Release in November. what's more is he confirmed that Deathly Hallows would be 2 films. Hail Matthew! He's such a descent lad.
  5. Really looking forward to anybody's impressions today. I am going tomorrow and just cat wait.
  6. Hi guys, Just after some information. Something has come up and i was wondering if people are able to just arrive Saturday morning and Sunday morning. The reason i ask this is that registration is supposed to be on the Friday so i wondered if we need to be there to get our tickets or if we can just pick them up Saturday morning. Any advise would be great. Thanks in Advance Emma xx
  7. Me to, me and my partner have been talking about this for ages. It would be so fantastic.
  8. Fantastic, wasn't expecting it to be such a great guest, well done showmasters you have outdone yourselves again. :)
  9. I have sent you an email today with some of the measurements on it Many thanks again Lisa Hi, I will email you this weekend with everyones sizes! Thanks Lisa If you are stuck I can make you one. Still have the pattern from making my daughters for Collectormania last year. Would cost about £3 to make. OMG would you :) Thanks so much that would be awsome I would need 4 please! I am so gratful, Lisa No problem. If you want to see a picture This is my Sarah. Not the best pictures but you get the idea. All I would need is waist, hips and lengths of skirts and i'll get right on to it. Hi can I have your email address and I will email this to you over the weekend Thank you again Sarah looks amazing - I bet she cannot wait to meey Hayden in person! Is she dressing up at the convention! We are but only at the parties!!! Lisa My email address is entramorpha@aol.com. Sarah dresses up all the time when we are at conventions and signings. I am in the middles of making her black cheerleading costume for one of the days. Hi there, I’m sorry to bother you directly and I realize you will have a lot on now with peoples orders but I wondered if there was any chance of doing me a skirt/costume as well. I will happily pay for your time and the materials and am well impressed with the image of you little girl in her costume. Ideally I am after one of the season one outfits and also one of the season 2 outfits if that is at all possible. I have not included my size as I don’t want to just assume that you will be able to do this for me. Also do you know where the shirt can be obtained from or can it be made? Many thanks for anything you can offer. Kindest Regards Emma
  10. It does include breakfast. I did get a paper confirmation through the post about 2 weeks after booking but i did book back in 2007 when i found out about Eclipse at LFCC 2007. If you want to check just give them a call to get them to check im sure they will be helpful, But i really wouldnt worry as most hotels work the same way and you pay on arrival. :)
  11. I think most people here have had a bad experience with the thumbnails idea simply due to LFCC where it was used to resolve a problem as opposed to being developed on purpose.ig flashe I think (only for professional evening shot photos) thumbnails would be a good Idea, My friend had something like this at her wedding. the photographer was paid to work the wedding but in the evening she worked for herself and made a screened off area with a couple of big standing flashes. she took photos of guests who wanted nice professional pics and when there was nobody there went around taking candid shots of everyone at the reception. When my friend was back from her honeymoon she mailed me a website (which I wish I could find so I can post my example) with her wedding photos on. they were only thumbnails but when you clicked them you got a larger proof shot (which was watermarked to prevent theft) you could buy the pictures you wanted for £4.50 each. I got a couple of me and one of me and my boyfriend, they were really good and really natural shots. I think that in this example the thumbnails idea works perfectly. The good thing was it didn't cost my friend anything for the evening shots as the photographer worked for herself. If someone would do this for an event like eclipse it would work great, especially at the cocktail party.
  12. With the little time we have left you could have posted a link
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