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  1. Hot guys please because I'm shallow.
  2. This was my first LFCC in four years. Thought the venue seemed a lot more spacious than other shows I've been to which was a huge plus. the range of guests were great as expected. there were fewer comic stalls than i expected but i still managed to spend every penny i had. i arrived at 10am Saturday thanks to traffic delays and had no problem with the queue, though the option to pay by card for entry would have been handy. i didn't go to any talks or photoshoots so can't comment on them. the queue to get tickets for them and credit vouchers for autos was a shambles though. i joined the queue i needed as every one had different signs, watched every other one move quicker then was told all queues do the same thing. would it be a sensible idea to just have one long concertina'd queue to keep things simpler? Really that was my only gripe of the day, other then maybe Thomas Dekker being too pretty and making the rest of us guys look bad by comparison.
  3. This was my first LFCC in four years. i thought the venue was great and loved the wider aisles between stalls than you usually find, made everything much more relaxed and less claustrophobic. all the guests i met were wonderful and happy to chat for a couple of minutes, no one made me feel rushed. Sincere thanks to all the crew, without exception everyone i spoke to was polite and helpful no matter how stressed they probably were at times.
  4. Try Michael Rooker. Please. Same agent as George Romero. He had to cancel another show last year. Be really good to finally meet him. Love you.xxx
  5. I went for maybe attending, now I need to change. CHUNK! Booking the hotel room tonight.
  6. It's been at least a week since I brought up the subject of MICHAEL ROOKER please.
  7. can you try and get Tobe Hooper after he cancelled last time please. Also more people to go on my dawn of the dead poster.
  8. Christopher Lloyd Jason Mewes John Hurt (if I've got enough cash) John Landis (if I've got enough cash) I may have to try and go the weekend without eating anything.
  9. Getting the bus at eight tomorrow morning. Really should think about packing.
  10. I'll be out in Soho on Friday night so god knows what time I'll get there on Saturday. Early Sunday though.
  11. If Brian Blessed is doing a talk I'd reccomend everyone go and listen. Saw him do one a couple of years ago with Sam Jones and Melody Anderson. Neither of them could get a word in and he had them and the whole audience in tears of laughter. Well worth it.
  12. I had the same problem with Watership Down What is it with John Hurt?
  13. this was meant to be a poll. I typed in loads of poll options. The machine has confused me. Bollox!
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