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  1. Nice guest, the pic you have added is of a boxer called Young Corbett III though. Any chance of Terry Downes too please...
  2. Roman Atkinson would make a great guest!! How about it? Comedy and movies..
  3. With Boxingmania 2 being here Terry Downes has to be my suggestion, he is Britain's oldest living boxer to win a World title and defeated Sugar Ray Robinson twice, he's a must at an event like this...he's starred in a few movies too. He will certainly compliment any other boxers who will attend. Michael Crawford, George Lazenby, Sir Roger Bannister as someone else suggested would be great.
  4. What about opeining the sports guests up to some Olympic/Athletic Champions? You have a stack to choose from the London Olympics which would be huge!! Usain Bolt Mo Farah Jessica Ennis Chris Hoy The older stars: Daley Thompson Roger Bannister
  5. Michael Crawford?...ooooh Bettty!!
  6. Thank you Rockstar, much appreciated.
  7. I saw a poster at the event saying that photos will be available to download from the showmasters website...has anyone got the link to where I can find them? Or where they will be when they are added in time?
  8. 2013 marks 40th anniversary of Bruce Lee passing away. I thought it might be a good idea and very popular for a Bruce Lee movie cast reunion: From Enter The Dragon: John Saxon Jim Kelly Bolo Yeung Sammo Hung Bob Wall Chuck Norris from Way Of The Dragon
  9. On the subject of photo shoot tickets, I am wanting a photo shoot with one of the guests but with two people in the photo with the celeb, tickets for one shoot costs £15...can the other person come into the shoot to for £15 or will it cost me £30? Also will I get two different pics if later option is correct? Thanks to whoever answers my question Regards iiii
  10. Awesome guest, the double photo op will go down a treat!!
  11. Hi Firstly, thank you for managing to pull some of the biggest boxers in the World to your event. Roy Jones Jr and Frank Bruno are going to be great. I was just wondering what the likelyhood of getting any of the Champs from the 1980s - 1990s era? Larry Holmes James Buster Douglas Michael Moorer Riddick Bowe Michael Spinks Leon Spinks Oliver McCall would be great to compliment Frank Bruno (double photo op) Joe Bugner George Chuvalo Earnie Shavers Mike McCallum
  12. Haven't seen George Lazenby or John Saxon at an event like this for a while, how about it?
  13. Prince Naseem Hamed, Chris Eubank Sr, Ricky Hatton, Joe Calzaghe, Michael Watson, Joe Bugner, Amir Khan or David Haye would be great British boxers to add to the Collectimania 19 boxers line up.
  14. Chris Eubank Sr, Ricky Hatton, Joe Calzaghe, Michael Watson, Amir Khan or David Haye would be great British boxers to add..you are going to have plenty of space in the new venue..would be a shame not to make the most of it If not here maybe Collectomania 19?
  15. Roy Jones Jr? I take my hat off to you, fantastic guest!!! A couple more boxing Champions to join Bruno and Jones would be excellent!!
  16. Terry Downes as last min. replacement for Alan minter??? ;-)
  17. John Saxon would be great, he's been massive at similar events Ive been to.
  18. Brilliant, very pleased that jake is doing a photoshoot. Thank you very much. Can I just confirm when I buy the photoshoot tickets will they be sent in the post if I pay for postage or do you have to print the confirmation out and take it with you to the event? Will the photoshoot pics be printed out in time for him signing them also?
  19. Is it too late to get Lou Ferrigno? Incredible Hulk. don't think he's done Collectomanai before, he has certainly done other rival shows though!!!
  20. Would be great to get Frank Bruno to do the same day as Witherspoon..what a fight that was!! Tim is also appearing all weekend at a martial arts convention in London on this weekend, how is this going to work?
  21. Amy chance of getting Lou Ferrigno, the incredible hulk for this years collectomania?? Any news either way on the Jake Lamotta photos hoot also? Thanks
  22. Hi Just looking for a sub category to link me to MK Sportsmania 2012, I was just wondering if anyone has any info as to if there will be an event dedicated to Sports and their guests this year? sugar Ray Leonard would have been great last year had he arrived. Any info would be appreciated moderators.
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