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  1. Yes to Shannon Briggs!

    Be good to get some new boxing names that haven't met or been before...

    Carl Thompson

    Lloyd Honeyghan

    Jim Watt

    Terry Downes

    Naseem Hamed

    Tyson Fury


    Overseas be great to see


    Micky Ward

    Chavez Sr

    Iran Barkley

  2. Great to see some sports guests at a Showmasters event again.

    George Foreman would be number 1 for me, last of the great 1970s heavyweight legends that is slightly possible..

    Be good to get Ricky Hatton to this part of the country, Naz would be great, Bellew would be popular with Creed just coming out, maybe Antonio Tarver too.

    Andy Murray?

    Be good to go in to Olympians like a few people have already said too, Farrah, Ennis, Bolt, Daley Thompson, Rodger Bannister?

    Any snooker players active or retired...

    Sterling Moss hasn't been for a while either...

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  3. Please please please...Bob Wall, being as he cancelled Autographica, Bolo Yeung, John Saxon.

    Kareem Abdul Jabbar, all Bruce Lee co stars..be nice to get some guests to test the water for the Collectormania events that are a little different to the genre that always seems to be the same.

    Carl Weathers, Mr T, Dolph Lundgren, Antonio Tarver from the Rocky Movies.

    Hoping for something a little different for the fans who don't like GOT, Dr Who, Star Wars and so on.

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  4. Let's hope so, compared to every MK show since Montage Moments have been doing the sports guests there's always been a fantastic line up, let's hope them joining with another company isn't going to be the downfall of the boxers.

    Still hoping for that one stand out guest that there has always been at each show, Froch is good but he's done a show before unless Groves comes along too :)

    Still hoping for the great Terry Downes, the Brit who defeated Sugar Ray Robinson, while he's still fit and well.

    So far I'll be staying at home.

  5. Would be good to get some first time to showmasters public signers like Groves or Kel Brook, Anthony Joshua

    George Foreman would be great but unlikely or Naz?

    Be nice to get a variety of boxers like usual instead of a massive list of footballers especially with there only being one CM MK this year.

  6. Hi Showmasters.


    Guests I would love to see are:

    John Saxon

    Bolo Yeung

    Bob Wall, maybe some kind of Enter The Dragon reunion while they are still fit and healthy, everyone seemed so disappointed when Bob Wall cancelled Autographica, be a shame not to try again


    Be great to get Carl Weathers back or Antonio Tarver aka Dixon - his rival in Rocky Balboa


    George Lazenby hasn't had an appearance for a long time...


    For something a little different I think it would be good to get Bear Grylls


    Looking forward to the line up for Summer 2015

  7. Hi Showmasters

    I can 100% see why this decision has been made, I'd just like to make a couple of points.

    Please please look after the relationship you have with Montage Moments, they do a fantastic job at getting the big sporting names, boxers especially.

    Not sure if it's because I spend all of my time around them but the boxers never seem to stop signing with endless people waiting to meet them.

    It seems a shame if there are big boxing names over that won't have a platform at an event like this for the fans, if there is a big sporting guest doing a tour in UK maybe something could be looked at with Montage Moments for a public signing similar to the Sportsmania events or Mike Tyson experience? Falling this maybe Montage Moments could work with you on other shows other than CM now it will only be running once a year.

    Just a thought, I have nothing but good to say about your CM and Montage Moments, long may it continue, hopefully more than once a year for them.

    Looking forward to May

    Thank you and regards


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