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  1. Floorplay

    Personalisations/ posed photos?

    Was Michael Rosenbaum allowing posed photos?
  2. Floorplay

    Sunday free car park

    Save me a space in there!
  3. Floorplay

    post your photos

    Excellent photos, I'm looking forward to getting mine with them tomorrow.
  4. If she's leaving at lunchtime on Sunday, is her photoshoot still going ahead at 12.35pm? I assume she'll leave straight after?
  5. Floorplay

    No Big Brother topic yet ?

    I don't even remember seeing her buy anything and she had nothing on the conveyor belt.
  6. Floorplay

    No Big Brother topic yet ?

    Saw Kat whilst shopping in Asda today.
  7. Who was the redhead in a corset and boots with the tattoos?
  8. Floorplay

    Lets All Be Friends

    I remember you two! Saw you around and also left at the same time. I was going to ask for a photo but thought that would've been a bit weird.
  9. Floorplay

    Lets All Be Friends

    Were you wearing funky glasses and bicoloured heels?
  10. Floorplay

    JPEG's of photo sessions

    Sorry but to charge £5 to e-mail a JPEG would be extortionate.
  11. Floorplay

    JPEG's of photo sessions

    I think I've asked before and basically, the chances of getting them were slim to none. I guess the best way they could do this would be to upload the thumbnails like last year with numbers below each one and you could e-mail them to e-mail your photo(s). I don't see bandwidth being a problem in e-mailing people, unless said person e-mailing was using dial-up.
  12. Floorplay

    Did anyone meet Christian Cooke?

    Was you at Eclipse and reluctantly asked a question in one of the talks? Brunette?
  13. Floorplay

    The (Positive!) Feedback Thread!

    I'm happy when I can get posed photos along with professional ones (this time with Georgia). As for the lack of seating, I went to every free talk on Saturday (except the Indy one) just so I could rest my feet. There does seem to be a lack of entertainment in between talks, photoshoots, signings, etc.
  14. Floorplay

    rick yune wat was that about

  15. Floorplay

    LFCC 2008 Cosplay report

    I thought Cheetara was the best.