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  1. It was my first time as a crew member had a MAJOR problem on saturday but had trouble getting any direct answer from anyone on how to deal with it . Sunday was fantastic felt i was used to my upmost doing the queue on photo B and some running work . Would love to know if I will be asked back and how i putmy name down to crew other events Can someone please help me thanks :clap:
  2. Just been and watch the new spiderman movie in 3D , It was fantastic BUT why did the make up dept have to give Uncle Ben and Captin Stacey really bad dentures . It is something i just could not stop looking at , is it just me
  3. Hi Im Peter Williams this is my first con on the crew , so feel free to say hi it would be great to meet new people . Still trying to work out how the forum works @ 36 i should know better ( being helped by my 15year old daughter ) But please be nice to me Looking forward to it there all weekend
  4. got hotel booking through, got to leave northampton at half four to arrive in time ( first time crewing ) . Going to be a very lonely drive if anyone looking for a lift in northampton area give me a shout . Coming home late Sunday
  5. great to see him , Always a true gent as well as always got a good tale to tell. Just got to keep him stocked up flumps !!!!!!
  6. ten best not in ANY ORDER Emipre Stikes Back , Shawshank, Godfarther , Back to the Future, With Nail and I, Potters , Lord of the Rings , Pulp Fiction ,Batman Begins. Sorry but a big guilty pleasue is Disney Lion King , andI am proud of it to . What About your 3 most DIsappointing films ? Howard the duck , Warth of the titans , Attack of the clones
  7. good to have someone different. What about some old school WWE / WWF could be a bit of a laugh
  8. hi i have sent you an email and would love to help with the advertising and have great contacts in the local and surrounding area. Look forward to hearing from you soon , also not just on this event
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