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  1. Jue

    Latest Guest Announcemen - SHAUN DINGWALL

    yaay another brilliant guest
  2. Jue

    latest Guest Announcement - Mat Irvine

    Super interesting guest intrigued as to what stories he'll have to tell.
  3. Yess there will be someone else there with an accent near mine. Even if it is a guest.
  4. Jue

    Latest Guest Announcement - Anthony Head

    Yes briliiant! wanted to go to hallowhedon when he attended but couldnt make it so this is perfect!
  5. Jue

    Attending on own

    Not going alone but me and my friend have different tickets so happy to talk to anyone that is a little lonely.
  6. Jue

    Latest Guest Announcement - JAMES MORAN

    Brilliant excited to meet him again after hub 6!
  7. Jue

    Hub Convention Virgin

    My boyfriend is coming this will be my 4th hub but itll be his first hub and first ever con